CRT Monitor dying???


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I have a Compaq 7500 17" CRT monitor which in the last week has been looking dull/faint/dim. Sometimes it spontaneously reverts back to a bright screen only to then go dim again.
I've also noticed when waking the pc up from the standby mode it takes ages for the monitor to show anything even though the light has gone green.
I tried changing the resolution from 1024x768 to 800x600 and the brightness did improve a bit but not significantly.
For now I have adjusted the brightness & contrast but it is still quite dull to look at.

I have never had to replace a monitor before (even though this one is 10yrs old this month) so whilst presuming this means it's in the process of dying I wanting to see if this was the case.

If it is the what do people think of the Acer S191HQLGb which seemed to do well on Reevoo.



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I don't know much about troubleshooting CRTs, but have you checked the VGA cable? Usually a lose pin causes funny colours or other more obvious effects but it's worth a look.

If it is the what do people think of the Acer S191HQLGb which seemed to do well on Reevoo.
VGA only and a very low resolution by today's standards so I wouldn't normally recommend a screen like that as a main monitor but I notice both that screen and your current one have low pixel density so if that's what you're after the only other combination that commonly goes that low is 1920x1080/1200 at 27" but that's around twice the price (e.g. Benq G2750).

I would at least spend the couple of quid extra and get one with DVI though so you can still continue to use it in ten years. DisplayPort would be even better, but I doubt you'll find it at that price.


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The cable doesn't plug into the VGA port at the back of the pc. It's a bigger narrower fitting with screws like the old printer cables. It's not been moved around so not sure how it could've spontaneously developed loose pins but will disconnect it and have a look.

As far as the Acer & current monitor go I have no idea what's classed as low resolutions by todays standards! The compaq 7500 came with the pc I bought 10yrs ago (and am still using!) and I'm just looking for a cheap replacement. Only use pc for internet, e-mail and Word etc so doesn't have to be all singing & all dancing. Will have a look at some with DVI, have seen it mentioned but just thought it was an alternative connection.

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