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gary g

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this may be a silly question,and I think it has been covered before.:)
I have a set of hd145 colour corrected and filtered lenses on my svp350+.
I am changing over to a svd500+ which has hd6 clear lenses.

the 350 has clear glycol
the 500 has coloured glycol
would I be right in saying that coloured lenses cannot be fitted to tubes with coloured glycol?
or if they can is there any advantage over the hd6 ?

wishing all CRTers a merry christmas

gary g

Mad Mr H

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Its a tough call........

The HD 145 is the newer lens and Slightly sharper focus ability.

I would still use the Colour filtered lens as well as the coloured glycol, ONLY the correct frequeny light should get through..........

HOWEVER you will lower the brightness BUT I dont think that will be an issue, People say you lose brightness but you should see how deep the glycol is on a 9 inch tube :D .

People alway mention the brightness of CRTs and really im am not sure most of them know what they are talking about - a 5% loss of brighness is not the end of the world..........

Just my take on it all........


I would agree but I would also say that using color filtered lenses especially on red isn't what it's all cracked up to be.


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Hi There,

Or buy a Spyder2 and CalMAN and with a PC, do it yourself. That way you can calibrate multiple inputs for PAL/NTSC/HD 4:3/16:9 etc and check periodicaly that the PJ has no drifted. Your probably looking at the same sort of money, if not cheaper and a whole new learning expiriance to boot !


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