CRT gone pop - time for a major upgrade! 40-42'' / up to £1750


Straightforward question - whats the current deal on getting the best out of £1750, give or take £250?

Usage is as follows - 60% SD freeview (SD needs to be the most important aspect)
- 10% SD/HD DVD
- 10% Xbox 360
- 20% PC

Either 40 - 42'' would do, i like the look of the majority of the Sony range but the whole backlight problem reported put me off slightly. Either LCD or plasma is fine, however due to SD viewing would the colours of LCD be a better option? Any thoughts?


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First of all, I don't think you can generalize between technologies, some sets have their own strengths against others, be they plasma or LCD.

A good option would be the Panasonic 42V10. Produces a slightly soft SD picture, but some people like that. Nice and slim, awesomely realistic Blu-Ray performance thanks to THX mode. As a bonus, can access YouTube if you connect it to a web-enabled network (sure the picture quality will be great for that .....). £1450 from JL, should be cheaper elsewhere. Panasonic are running a 5 year warranty promotion at the moment too.

If you're willing to wait a little while, the Sony Z5500 should be out shortly and this should hopefully be very good. The W5500 was, overall, an improvement over the 4500 (in my eyes, but not everyone's mind) and the new Z should ally that with the exellent 200Hz processing and other goodies like the 10bit panel. You'll probably find that if you don't go looking for backlight bleed and use sensible picture settings, you won't have a problem. I personally don't think it's worth shelling out for the Z4500 when the Z5500 should cost about the same.

Of course, the other argument is to save some money on the display and either pump it into audio upgrades or software. You could look at the Panasonic G10 (not as slim, without THX and network stuff compared to V10) or Sony W5500 (100Hz rather than 200Hz is the major difference). You may also want to consider the Samsung B650 and B750.


well for such large SD percentage,a plasma might be a better option,with 50G10 being the best or even better a 5090 KURO.As for the lcd's,backlight problems are an issue that affects many lcd's on the whole,not sony's.Dont let the bad expreriencies put you off the sony's though,there has been sever exaggeration of it here,and its just a minority anyway,its a pitty because at such high budget the best tv's are sony and samsung


Thanks for the replies guys, i could not agree more with either post. The Z5500 without a doubt has had me quite excited and also of the kuro range. A a Sony fan (i have a 26T3000 in the bedroom which i am over the moon with) i am certainly going to demo a few of the higher end sets.

The point made about a plasma being good for SD viewing is a good one - the kuro sets look very impressive indeed so will take a good look at them.

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