CRT Fan Noise???

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I have a Sanyo PLV60 projector and by and large am very happy with it, I have only one reservation, the dreaded FAN NOISE. Is this as prevelent in CRT projectors?? I read somewhere(????) that because some CRT projectors are liquid cooled, fan noise is not an issue, is this the case?
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Is this as prevelent in CRT projectors??
It depends. Sony projectors are generally quite noisy, and the 9" Sony 1292 is very noisy.

CRT projectors are usually cooled with fans, there may be liquid cooling too - I dont know. Some of the smaller CRTs use convection cooling only and are thus entirely silent; I think this is limited to 7" CRTs or lower, and thus performance suffers against 8" and 9" CRTs.

Barcos are pretty quiet generally, and the Barcographics 1208 I have is very quiet (it's large and this helps heat dissipation).

It's possible to perform fan mods to some CRT projectors to make them quieter.

I think it is probably true generally the LCD projectors are noiser than CRT, but other people than myself have better experience in this area.


I have a barco 708mm and the fan noise isn't too bad except for really quiet parts of films when it can be a bit too obtrusive.
I had various LCD projectors over the last ten years including a Sony VW10HT and they were all louder than my Barco. Considering the enormous difference in picture quality over LCD and DLP I will not change back until DLP is just as good as CRT and then it would be when the Barco has given up due to old age.

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