CRT and Quadscan Pro. Do I need a PS DVD player

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Apr 22, 2002
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I have a Philips 962SA. As I will be using the Quadscan with the CRT will the PS part of the player be used/worthwhile or will I be better going to a non PS player?

Thanks, and sorry if this is a stupid question :blush:
wont need a PS player with a Quadscan mate. I trialled a Quadscan and loved it although a good deal on an Iscan made my mind up (at the time).
Just opt for the best DVD player you can, preferably with component, infact personally I'd keep the Sony 7700 (I had one of those too) and only got rid of it for DVD-A of my Pioneer (possibly another cock-up) but saying that I don;t know anything about the Philips so it may be a top player..:)
Thanks museumsteve.

To be honest I didn't rate the component out on the S7700 and have a Tosh SD900E driving my Plasma. Just love that but of course it does not do PAL PS. However, as I will not need PS with the Quadscan Pro I would love to get another SD900E if I can find a 2nd hand one.

What's a fair price for a QS Pro?
The Quadscan Pro doesn't have 2:2 pulldown detection for the accurate de-interlacing if film sourced PAL material. So if you are looking for something to use with your plasma an Iscan would be a much better bet...You also need to check that the plasma accepts 576P as many do not..

thanks Gordon, now I didn;t realise that about the QS. I have an Iscan which will probably be staying as I should be able to sort my lip sync problem out with an upgraded Denon..
I can't fault the Iscan's image quality at all and think the image adjustments on the unit are a big plus (I was looking at a Deuce SDQ which doesn;t have any)..
Anyway I'm rambling..:)
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