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I have a pair of Klipsh synergy F2 floorspeakers. I have a Onkyo receiver and trying to set crossover settings in my AVR. I can't seem to find the specs for what these speakers should be set too. In the spec sheet all it says is: CROSSOVER FREQUENCY 2100Hz

I can't imagine I would set that to 2100 on my AVR. Does that just mean what its max is? Whats the best way to determine this, my center channel and rears for what the crossover should be set too.



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Google says "39 - 23000" so stick to about 40 and see how it goes. Anything lower and it won't be audible (I think, I'm no expert either) as that's where a sub would normally kick in.


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Let me explain!
The 2.1kHz crossover value you are seeing in the spec for your speakers is the point at which the bass/mid woofer crosses to the tweeter which is fixed by the manufacturer and cannot be changed and has nothing to do with the crossover over frequency setting in your Onkyo so ignore that completely.
If they are large floor standing speakers, the crossover setting on the Onkyo can be set very low as Kaiserjoe has pointed out -around 40-50Hz (because they can handle low bass) a higher setting is only needed if you have a subwoofer and would prefer the sub to do the hard work with the lower bass instead of letting small bookshelf speakers take the bass.
For example~ say I used small bookshelf speakers for my main front/left and a Subwoofer, I would set my surround amplifier to small speakers and select cut off bass at 80Hz (this means all frequencies below 80Hz will be (cut) or sent to the Subwoofer but NOT the speakers, they will get everything else upto 20Khz) You would then set the control on the subwoofer to take over below 80Hz to fill in the bass your small bookshelf speakers are now not getting.
If you set the subwoofer cut off too high you will hear it as a honky boxy sound and it wouldnt sound good, similarly if you set the sub control to low you would just get deep rumble, so the idea is to match it or slightly overlap the the subwoofer with the speakers so there is no gaps in the frequency range.
If you are not using a subwoofer at all set your speakers to large and set the crossover on the Onkyo to as low as possible usually 20-40Hz, this means the amp will supply all frequencies to the large speakers, we do not worry about the 0-30Hz range for normal hifi speakers as generally they don't go that deep, only a good subwoofer can reach down to that range.
Doing it this way allows the amplifier to deliver more power during loud parts in a movie without overloading your front & rear speakers (and therefore sounding cleaner) and allows the active amplifier in the subwoofer to take the strain as it is designed to.
There are some like myself that will use large speakers and a subwoofer (or two) and direct the bass to both at the same time giving more bass power. Those with smaller speakers and a subwoofer would be better off doing it the way I described earlier on in my reply.

Hope that helps a bit.
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