Crossover setting with sub on/off


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I have the Morduant Short Premiere which are probably not even run it yet and am a little puzzled about the best crossover setting.

I have the sub crossover at max so the av amp controls the crossover.

I can set 80, 100 or 120 hz as my crossover.

Does it make sense to have it at 100 so the small speakers handle more of the bass for the occasions when the sub is left off? Or should I push as much as possible at the sub?

Sub Frequency response (Hz) 35-150
Speakers Frequency response (Hz) 100-20k

I currently have it at 120.


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Most people set the crossver at 80hz,the best thing to do is have a mess about and try different setting .whatever you think sounds the best is the one to go for.

Ian J

I am sure that "Tons of Fun" will answer your question on Monday if he doesn't spot it over the weekend. In the meantime try all of the settings out and see what sounds best to you


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Will try the settings at a higher volume, it was late when I was playing with them an I could not really detect that much difference.

Then again I may not have been using a good DVD as a test.

I thought that 80hz would leave a gap though between the 100 of the sats and the 80 to the sub.

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