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From Nashville we flew to Madison, via Chicago, for the Games which was absolutely unreal. Loved every minute of it and it was like a dream, managed to get quite a few pics with some of my favourite athletes although couldn't get near Tia :(

I loved watching the teams too, Froning is my favourite athlete and watching the way him and Mayhem dominated was just class.







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Make WOD's Great Again (John), if you don't follow this guy on facebook / Instagram, give him a follow, he's hilarious:


Dave Castro:


Dan Bailey:


Sean Woodland:


HSTL Made (Craig Richey & Jas):



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Noah Olsen:


Hunter McIntyre:


Sara Sigmundsdottir:


Elliot Simmonds:


Chandler Smith:


The main man, Rich Froning! :



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Saxon Panchick:


Ben from WODPrep, another good page to follow. Really helpful for hints and tips on CrossFit movements:


Pat Vellner (I forgot to smile!) :


Brooke Wells:


Alec Smith:




Sam Briggs (so glad she got some recognition with the Spirit of the Games award):



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Then these two moments were the icing on an already amazing cake!

Managed to get Rich to sign my copy of his book after the swim / paddle event:



Then after the final I thought I'd chance my arm and try to get down to the finish line for a photo with Fraser. Ended up on the big screen in the arena and on the live Rogue broadcast :D Pretty cool when you see the footage then the actual selfie.



Top class picture - what a superb event it was. @djpaulc247

Cracking memories.

I'm still plugging away - back to it now kids are back at school - Summer holidays are hard to keep training consistently as kids at home all day and wife works full time (i work from home)

Anyway - will get back to logging workouts as a measure of my progress hopefully over the next stint!



  • 18 Cal bike ERG
  • 12 burpees
7 rounds - rest for as long as the round takes you.

Nasty one - overall time including rest 20.03.


Work to a max Hang Squat Clean -

30/40/50/60/70/80/85/88/92kg for a cheeky 2kg PR.

Then 4 mins max reps @ 75% of above weight.

Lost count a touch but think I managed 22 or 23 reps @ 69kg.

Toes to Bar practise

20 seconds on, 30 second off 7 rounds.

5/5/4/5/4/3/2 - actually hurt my groin doing these this morning - no idea how but gymnastics has dropped off with the summer poor training. Need to ramp these back up again.



250 off 250 on row

5 out of 10 intensity off, 9 out of 10 on.



Hang squat snatch

30/35/40/42.5/45/47.5/50/52.5/55 - missed 59kg a few times
4 min max reps @ 42.5kg 16 reps


Did Strict pull ups as no strict C2B, death by - round 4, then repeated and finished round 4 again.

Strength extras.

5 x 5 @ 100kg Back squat
5 x 5 @ 32.5kg OHP
3 x 5 @ 100kg Deadlift


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Top class picture - what a superb event it was. @djpaulc247

Cracking memories.

I'm still plugging away - back to it now kids are back at school - Summer holidays are hard to keep training consistently as kids at home all day and wife works full time (i work from home)

Anyway - will get back to logging workouts as a measure of my progress hopefully over the next stint!
Yeah it was amazing, great way to celebrate my 40th. Already looking at going again next year.


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Some recent training below. I've got a niggle in my left knee again at the moment, something went in it during some running last week so not able to train at full intensity and having to sub movements in some WOD's:

Sat 31/08/19

Teams of 4 - 25 min AMRAP

While 2 people run 200m holding a kettlebell between them (KB @ 24kg / 16kg), other two AMRAP the below, swap one person after every run :

30 x Sandbag over Shoulder @ 60kg / 40kg
50 x Sit Ups
50 x Power Snatch @ 60kg / 40kg (changed to 40kg hang power snatch)
50 x Box Jumps (changed to 24kg kettlebell swings
30 x Wall Balls

I rowed instead of running.

17 x runs / rows and 2 rounds + 14 box jumps / swings

Sun 01/09/19

Partner WOD, sharing reps - 3 min work on each "station", AMRAP, then 1 min rest before next station:

1) Pull Ups - 113 reps
2) 400m run (I rowed)
3) 1 Arm KB Swing @ 16kg - 96
4) Bar over Burpee - 82
5) Hang Power Clean @ 60kg - can't read the number from the photo I have
7) Assault Bike Calories - 82
8) Deadlift @ 90kg - 68
9) Shoulder to Overhead @ 50kg - 77

This was supposed to start at the STOH but with so many people in the class, some of us started on part 2 (pull ups). Getting off the Assault Bike after going HAM, then into those deadlifts, was horrendous! STOH were a struggle too by the end.

Tue 03/09/19


16 min EMOM (4 sets):

1) 8 x Strict Pull Ups
2) 15 x Hollow Rocks
3) 8 x Strict Press (Increase weight each set - 25 / 30 / 35 / 40)
4) Rest


12 min AMRAP:

10 x Push Press @ A: 50 / B: 45 / C: 40
25 x Double Unders (I did 7 cal assault bike)
10 x Chest to Bar
25 x Double Unders (I did 7 cal assault bike)

3 rounds + 10 chest to bar

This was harder than it should've been due to the assault bike, the power output is nothing like double unders and the bike doesn't half gass you more!

After that I decided to do The Hateful 8 with a couple of others.

The Hateful 8 - 8 Rounds for Time:

8 x Push Up
8 x GHD Sit Up (we don't have GHD's so just did sit ups)
8 x Air Squat
8 x Pull Up
8 x Deadlift
8 x Hang Power Clean
8 x Shoulder to Overhead
8 x Calorie Row

42.5kg for guys / 30kg for girls

Time: 24:56

Pretty happy with that, didn't go balls out but pushed a decent pace with quick transitions and just kept moving. Probably could've easily shaved a couple of minutes off as there was a class on at the time and we were at the opposite end of the gym to the rig so had to keep walking to and from for the pull ups.

Good little prep workout with the Open looming.


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Glacier Games qualifier wod one.

me and my mate doing , 16 min wod.
8mins of a Wall ball and cal row ladder
starting at 3, and going up in 3s.
we got to 24 wall balls and 19 cals on the round of 24,
8-16 max combined weight Clean.
with 30 secs left i got a new PB of 120 and my partner got 95.

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Good work and nice job on the clean, you bounced out of the bottom like it was nothing.

Could be the camera angle but the depth on those wall balls is questionable, you may end up being penalised on them.


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Mon 24/09/19

Open 14.4

Bit of Open prep last night with 14.4 :


60 Cal row
50 Toes to bar
40 Wall balls
30 Cleans @ 60kg
20 Muscle Ups

14 minute time cap

Managed to get through the cleans and hit 3 muscle ups (did bar instead of ring due to space on the rig). Still not managed to link muscle ups so had to chip away at singles before running out of time. Happy with that though, not a bad effort.


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Everyone looking forward to the Open? I'm carrying a few little niggly injuries at the moment in my left knee, right achilles and left lat / shoulder which is a pain! Training had been going really well until a couple of weeks ago and I've just had a few knock on injuries.

Basically I'm falling apart since turning 40 :rotfl: Hoping to improve on my position from Feb though, although I'm moving into the Masters 40-44 category now :(


Still be working away - just come off the back of a 6 week nutrition challenge/cut that lots of people took part in.

Down 3kg/7lb so time to start building some strength again! Upping Calories to around 2500 a day to start with (been in and around 1800/1900 a day for last 6 weeks)



Max out Sprints.

2 mins - 22 cal assault bike (rest remaining time)
2 mins - 22 cal row (rest remaining time)

4 rounds of each.

Not bad - completed it fine - legs wrecked after mind you!


Work to a max power clean in 12 minutes, then complete max touch and go reps @ 70% of that.

60/70/74/77/80/84/87/90/94kg - 1 kg PR! (been stuck on 93kg for ages)

Max reps T&G - 11reps at 66kg. (70%)


T2B - 80% of max set, rest 2 minutes then 30% of max set every 30 seconds for 8 minutes

80% of max - 8 hit

Then 30% - Hit 11 Rounds of 3's and last 5 rounds were 2/3/2/2/2. Again a bit of progress from last week. But happy to be stringing these together much more consistently now.




  • 2 mins max Cal ski
  • straight into
  • 2 min max 50kg ball throw overs
  • straight into
  • 2 min max burpee box jumps
  • 2 minutes rest.
3 full rounds.



12mins build to heavy power snatch



Max reps touch and go @44KG (70%)
90s rest



Strength work.

3 x 10 back squats @ 90kg (first time squatting in about 3 months!! it's a start again) (used to be 110kg for 10's)

Day 3 Lifting ()

Round 1 - 5 minute EMOM - 7 reps Clean and Jerk
1 minute rest
Round 2 - 5 minute EMOM - 6 reps Clean and Jerk
1 minute rest
Round 3 - 5 minute EMOM - 5 reps Clean and Jerk

Scaled to weights below (supposed to be 60/70/80kg)

Round 1 (50kg) - 7/6/7/6/7
Round 2 (55kg) - 6/5/5/6/5
Round 3 (60kg) - 4/4/4/4/4

Brutal - that hurt bad....

2 x 6 sets of snatch grip deadlift @ 80kg (115%)


PT session

Push jerk 6 sets of 3 @50kg

8 rounds
  • 500m Bike ERG
  • 5 x 100kg hex bar deadlifts
  • 3 strict pull ups

Kipping pull up practise
4 pull ups into 7 double KB shoulder press and hold last rep for 30 seconds x 4 rounds.



20min amrap

Row cals/Double unders


11 cals at cap.

My DU were - single/DU/single/DU etc (so in effect 10 singles/10 DU for 20, then 20 singles, 20 DU etc for 40) Getting better.

Squat clean
15min emom

5 rounds of 3reps @ 60kg

5 rounds of 3reps @ 70kg

5 rounds of 3reps @ 80kg missed 1st round, then hit 3/2/3/3

82.5% of max set - 5
2min rest
4 ev minute for 8 minutes
All hit unbroken

Happy with this - much more consistent

Then 43 birthday burpees to finish!!


3 x 10 back squats (90kg) - just starting back again!


4 rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds
20 Cal assault bike into single arm devil press (22.5kg)



Power snatch emom

5 min @ 45kg 3 reps
5 min @ 50kg 3 reps
5 min @ 54kg 3 reps (missed 1 rep in rnd 2)

Extra Strength work

4 x 10 lat pull down
4 x 10 low row
4 x 10 d/bell bench press
4 x 10 each side d/bell row
4 x 10 cable bicep curls
4 x 10 tricep overhead rope extension



Barbell (8 minutes for a max single)

Heavy Push jerk - worked up to 75kg for a 2.5kg PR
Split Jerk - hit 80kg

(probably should have used the rig instead of power cleaning everyone!!)

Strength Program

Deadlift 5 rep max - worked up to 135kg - felt I had more but grip was a struggle.
then 2 sets of 5 at 130kg

PT session (thurdsday)

Warmed up with 200 cals on ERG bike.

4 x 7 minute AMRAPS (3 minute rest between)

10 dumbell bench into 5 T2B - 6 rounds complete

500m ERG into 50kg ball carry on chest across back room - 4 rounds plus 90 seconds at the end max distance ball on shoulder

10 incline KB row into 10 HRPU - 5 rounds

50cals Rogue bike (had to go sub 4 minutes)


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