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Tue 10/07/18


7 min EMOM working on technique for either:

1-2 Muscle Ups
4-8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
4-8 Pull Ups, Kipping or Strict

First time properly working on chest to bar but did pretty well, I have butterfly pull ups now so worked on butterfly c2b and managed 7 in the first min then 6 every other min except one where I only did three then didn't touch the bar with my chest on the fourth rep.


A) In 4 min window:

Row 500m then AMRAP:
10 x Alternating Reverse Lunges (Front Rack) – A: 60kg / B: 50kg / C: 40kg
15 x Sit Ups

Rest 3 mins

B) In 4 min window:

Row 500m then AMRAP:
10 x Wall Balls
15 x KB Swings @ 24kg

C) Rest 3 mins

In 4 min window:

Row 500m then AMRAP:
10 x Power Clean – A: 60kg / B: 50kg / C: 40kg
15 x Box Jumps

Rounds: A) 1 + 9 sit ups / B) 2 + 1 Wall Ball / C) 1 + 6 Cleans

We had to use the same weight for the reverse lunges as the cleans and 60kg was too heavy for the lunges so went with 50kg. Good workout, last proper workout before the comp now :D


Been on holiday for 2 weeks. Did a few light gym sessions whilst away and keep the eating/drinking to a relatively sensible level! Back at the gym tonight/tomorrow after 2.5 weeks off......dreading it!:laugh::laugh:


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Been on holiday for 2 weeks. Did a few light gym sessions whilst away and keep the eating/drinking to a relatively sensible level! Back at the gym tonight/tomorrow after 2.5 weeks off......dreading it!:laugh::laugh:
Ouch, that's going to hurt :rotfl:


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Thurs 12/07/18 - Bootcamp

25 min AMRAP, In Teams of Four (2 Pairs):

Whilst one pair runs 400m, the other pair works through:

25 x Synchro Burpees
25 x Box Jumps @ 24”
25 x HSPU (I scaled to DB press as I didn’t want to risk shoulders before comp)
25 x KB Swing @ 24” (I scaled to 20kg just to keep it light before comp)
25 x Sit ups

When pair one gets back from run they take over and pair 2 runs.

Rounds : 4 + 19 x HSPU

Last session before Rainhill's so just took it easy and kept any weights light. Just a little engine blast before Saturday.


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Saturday 14/07/18 – The Rainhill Trials Summer 2018

My Rainhill’s debut on Saturday, been training hard and looking forward to this one:D


I felt ok on the day but ended up feeling quite nervous once I got into the warm up area before my first WOD. My mouth felt really dry and I just felt quite a bit of nervous energy, then when I got onto the floor ready for WOD 1 and realised just how many people were there, I also had a few from the gym and a few friends there to support me and suddenly felt a bit of pressure to perform.

One thing I never do when training is worry about what others are doing. I just concentrate on what I have to do, I have my own pace and know I can stick to it, which many people can’t as they usually go out too fast, and I always have a little extra in the tank toward the end of a workout when people are flagging.

However, on Saturday I was at the end of the rig and so that everyone had to cover the same distance around the track, anyone on my side had to run down the rig and back up the other side before hitting the track. On the other side of the rig they ran up the rig onto the track but then back down the opposite side when they came then round to their lane in if that makes sense?

To me though, it felt like I was at the back and last and I just basically sprinted trying to make up ground! That meant I was already feeling it when I came in for my STOH and when I picked up the bar and dipped to jerk, my legs felt like jelly with the nerves! Then I kept tripping on the double unders! In hindsight I should have probably scaled to singles as I was allowed to do that in my category but I felt like if I can do them then really I should try. We did this in class last week and I finished it in 7:12 and had hoped I’d be quicker on the day but the starting too fast and the double unders cost me.


3 Rounds for time (8 min time cap):

200m run
10 x Shoulder to Overhead
50 x Double Unders

There was a one second penalty for every rep not completed so my time / score was 8:26, this put me in 30th place out of 56 after one workout. Great start o_O

Got some pretty cool action shots as there are photographers there on the day.




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5 mins to establish a 5RM Hang Squat Clean – 70kg


3 mins rest then straight into WOD 3.

Probably could’ve gone a bit heavier on this but I knew I had 70kg as I hit it the other day in class so just put that in the bank and left a couple of minutes extra to rest and set up my bar for WOD 3. I knew the strength piece would be my weakness (70kg came 32nd in WOD 2) and even if I hit another 5kg it wouldn’t make much difference in the rankings, would mean I’d have a little less energy and rest for WOD 3 and would be more taxing on my legs and hip flexors. So played it a bit tactically and saved a bit for…


2 min time cap:

12 Calorie Row
15 x Power Cleans @ 45kg
AMRAP Burpee over Bar

Managed 23 burpees, I did do 24 but I tripped on one of them and because my feet didn’t take off at the same time I was given a no rep :(

Much better on this one, anything fast and gassy is ideal for me. Top score was 53 (12 cal + 15 cleans + 26 burpees) and I got 50 (23 burpees), coming in 6th place for WOD 3 and shooting me up the table into 18th place overall.





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is it normal to go topless..?
It is when it's about 30 degrees in the arena and you're working at your maximum intensity and dripping in sweat! :rotfl:

It's quite common in CrossFit, yes.


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6 minute AMRAP:

8 x Pull Ups
8 x Thrusters @ 35kg
8 x Box Overs

Had a bit of a disaster during this though, my shoelace came undone! Usually wouldn’t bother me but when I was doing box jump overs I was worried about catching it and tripping so attempted to tie my lace but couldn’t as I had gloves on then had to get the judge to tie them for me!! Unfortunately that cost me 15 seconds, it didn’t feel that long at the time but I’ve watched a video back and it was 15 seconds. Cost me a few reps but not much I could do.

I managed 5 rounds plus 6 pull ups, in class recently I did 5 + 8 and had hoped I’d beat that and probably would’ve if it wasn’t for the lace. One thing I’d not factored on as well was the pull up bar was really high on the rig so I couldn’t just jump up and start doing pull ups once I was feeling it, I had to do a couple of kips first to get going which cost me a little time.

Another good gassy workout, most people hate thrusters but I quite like them and I finished in 7th place for this workout, holding my 18th place overall. I finished just four points short of reaching the final which would’ve been a great achievement for my first attempt but sadly a few silly things cost me (shoe lace, going too hard on the first run, taking a sip of water when I probably didn’t need to, and I could’ve stepped over on the later box jump overs when I was tired and slower) but all things to learn from and come down to experience. I seeded in 42nd place due to my seeding scores but on the day came 18th so well over achieved from where I was ranked and gave it my all, really enjoyed the day and can’t wait to compete there again

I have videos of all the WOD’s thanks to my Mrs and friends so will post links when I get chance to upload to YouTube.





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Some friends and gym mates



Some other members from our gym who competed over the weekend:


Oh, and guess who met Sam Briggs... :D:D:D



Sunday Night

  • 9 Min - Max distance Row but every 90 seconds - 9 burpees. Start with Burpees,
  • 2 mins rest then into
  • 9 Min - Max distance Ski but every 90 seconds - 9 burpees. Start with Burpees
Yuck - That was hard going - row was ok - completed 1348m total. Ski was horrible, really felt like nothing in my arms at all doing the burpees every 90 seconds. Complete 1180m.

Then lifting

10 min EMOM - 3 Touch and Go Power Cleans @ 75/80% of 1RM.

Did 3 sets at 60kg and 7 sets at 62.5kg. Need to work on the bring the back out of the rack onto my legs for the touch and go - ended up with massively bruised legs!

Then 5 mins for heavy single - hit 70/72.5/75/77.5 and 80kg - not to bad as my PR is 82kg.




  • 2 mins max cal assault bike straight into
  • 1 min max Double unders
5 Rounds - no rest/breaks

Total Cals - 143
Did 90 single unders every rounds and got 8-10 doubles in there as well. Managed 4 DU in a row which is a PR for me!!

Kind of enjoyed this one - I prefer a longer bike as I can pace it beftter

Lifting: power snatch

3 touch and go at 80% emom for 10 mins

40kg for 2 sets then 42.5kg for 8 set - all hit. 1RM was 50kg.

Work to a heavy single
57.5kg :eek::eek:
Failed 60kg twice - Still can't complain - 7.5kg PR!!

Felt good today - Calorie intake is up to around 3000 a day at the moment as I lost around 7lbs whilst away on holiday (go figure - All inclusive for 2 weeks and loose weight!)




  • 8 x 200m row - max efforts, 1 min off between sets.
38.4/38.7/38.8/38.9/38.6/39.3/39.2/38.8 seconds
  • T2B - 15% of your max set every 20 seconds for 10 mins......
So that's 1 rep for me as my max is 4 - Managed to hit 24 of 30 rounds. Still hard work for me but pushing on with them.
  • Core WOD - 20 situps with 15kg plate into 2 x 24kg kettlebells 40m chest high carry, then hollow rock hold remaining time - 3 mins x 3 rounds.
This hurt!

Back Squat Strength Bootcamp

Still in a crap place with my squats at the moment - getting back into them slowly.

10 reps @ 90kg
6 @ 95kg (was too far on my toes and nearly fell forward - supposed to be 10 reps)
1 @ 100kg
1 @ 105kg
[email protected] 107.5kg
Failed 110kg....

Not in a good place with them at the moment - but trying to remain positive and push on - they will come good soon!


Friday Night

Strength Complex - 1 Hang Squat Clean, 2 Front Squat, 1 Squat Clean
40/50/60/70kg - Happy with this - missed 75kg on 2nd front squat.

Conditioning - 2 mins on / 30 seconds transition to next round. Split up reps anyway you want with partner.

- Max Cal Bike
- 30kg Dumbell Squat Cleans
- Unison Situps
- 24kg Kettlebell Hang Snatch
- Ring Rows
- Rest

2 Rounds - Partner puked so we must have been pushing it!!!


Sunday Night

  • 12 cals Ski
  • 12 cals bike
  • 12 down n ups
  • 12 x 8m shuttle runs.
X 4 rounds

In teams of 3, one round for partner 1, then immediately partner 2 goes, and as soon as they are done partner 3 goes and then back to partner 1. Doesn't look that bad on paper but holy cow, it was a tough one as it was just a total sprint job.

1st round 2.05
2nd round 2.21
3rd Round 2.46
4th Round 2.45

Lifting. - 1 pwr cln / 1 sq cln / 2 front sq complex

45/50/55/60/65/70/75kg - Happy with this as I missed 75kg for a similar complex on Friday.

Single Squat Clean - 80kg and then missed a bucket load at 85kg. But some good pointers from a couple of the coaches to work on.


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Some nice sessions there. I trained a few times after Rainhill's but haven't had chance to update in here then last Tuesday I did something to my knee during class and haven't been able to train since.

It has been niggling for a while and I probably should've taken some rest before it got to this point but it's always felt ok in training. Anyway, not been able to put hardly any weight on it since and it's been really painful. Wednesday and Thursday I'd get waves of pain like a burning sensation that was so bad it actually made me feel sick! Went docs and they've just given me a self referral for a Physio which I've filled in and am now just waiting on a call.

Fingers crossed it won't be anything serious and I can get back training soon. I've been training about five times a week so to have not trained for almost a week feels like I've been off for ages.


Hope it's nothing serious and gets sorted asap.


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Hope it's nothing serious and gets sorted asap.
Me too, it does feel a little better each day but only marginal and is still quite painful. It’s worse when I’m sat at my desk for a while then get up to move but this morning when I first woke up it did feel a touch better and I could actually put weight on it going up and down the stairs which I haven’t been able to do since before the injury. I did notice during the WOD where it happened that my feet were landing quite wide on Squat Snatch so I think I must’ve landed funny and put too much pressure on it. We also had double unders and pull ups in the same WOD so a lot of impact on the knee, I felt it about halfway through but in true crossfit style, finished the workout anyway :facepalm:

Gutted as my training has been going so well and I’ve been really progressing, I also had to pull out of Tough Mudder on Saturday and our boxes summer comp on Sunday. The comp was absolutely brilliant and I helped out with judging but was gutted not to be competing :(

Reading up online it sounds like it might be the MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) but I won’t know for sure until I get to see someone. Even though it’s a bit less painful each day it still hurts a fair bit and I cannot put my full weight on when walking, I still walk with a bit of a limp, and I don't have full ROM in it. I took a photo last night so I can assess any progression, if you look how close I can get my left foot to my bum compared to my right there’s a massive difference, where I have my right is where it starts to feel painful. Not good :(





1 Power Snatch
1 Squat Snatch

35/37.5/40/42.5/45/47.5 - failed 50kg on squat snatch a couple of times.

Single squat Snatch - 50kg/52.5kg/54kg (current PR) - bucket loads of fails at 55kg

Squat Homework done - Dropped weight back a bit as out of sorts with my squatting currently. Need to get volume back in again.

10 @ 85kg
10 @ 87.5kg
10 @ 90kg
8 @ 92.5kg



Conditioning - 3km row, every 500m do 40 DU (singles for me) - hard but solid pace - 15.05 total time. Fairly happy with this time as cap was 18 minutes.

Lifting - 10 Power Snatch - touch and go - 4 sets progressive weight.

10 reps @ 34kg
10 reps @ 38kg
10 reps @ 42kg
8 reps @ 45kg

Shoulders decided 6.20am for snatch is too early! (son's swim training on a Wednesday at 6am so I go to gym)


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Tue 17/07/18


Build to technically good heavy power or squat clean – 80kg squat clean – PB


In Partners, sharing (15 min time cap):

10 x Thrusters
20 x Burpee over bar
30 x STOH
40 x Box Jump Overs
50 x Squat Cleans
40 x Box Jumpers
30 x STOH
20 Burpee over bar
10 x Thrusters

Weights: A: 60kg / B: 50kg / C: 40kg

Time: 13:54

Thurs 19/07/18

Skill / Strength / WOD 1

13 minute EMOM, 2 people per station:
  1. 40 second max assault bike cals
  2. 40 second slam ball over shoulder – 20kg
  3. 25m sled push – 30kg
  4. 40 second burpees
  5. 40 second v sits
  6. 40 second tyre flips
  7. Rest 1 min
Repeat 1 – 6

Score is total reps with aim being to beat first round.

Round 1 – 81 reps

Round 2 – 85 reps


0-15 min – row 1 mile (1600km)
15-30 min – run 1 mile (1600km)

Any remaining time in first 15 mins is rest.

Row: 6:39
Run: 7:35

Ran out of the building and started getting cramp in my left calf! Haven’t had that for a while but meant my run took ages and had to stop and stretch it a couple of times, well annoying.


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Fri 20/07/18

Skill / Strength

Build to 5RM Overhead Squat - 50kg


5 rounds for time:

5 x Power Snatch - A: 60 / B: 50 / C: 30 (Scaled to 40kg)
10 x Pull Ups

Time: 4:50
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Build to technically good heavy power or squat clean – 80kg squat clean – PB
Nice one - Same as me -80kg squat clean and strangely 83kg for a power clean!!:laugh:

I'm going to be greedy and i'm aiming for 100kg for either by the end of the year!


Squat Bootcamp

Trying to drag myself out of the back squat "funk" that i'm in currently. Need to eat more calories!

Better session tonight -

10 reps @ 92.5kg
10 reps @ 95kg
Singles @ 100/105 and 110kg.

Test week next week but I've been out of sorts with my squatting so don't see me threatening my 121kg PR.

Felt better tonight - slightly wider stance and really trying to stay as upright as possible and not let my chest drop/fall.

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