Cross Trainer / Elliptical - Advice please?


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Jul 14, 2000
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Surrey UK
Hi - I couldn't find any previous threads which mentioned these exercise machines - can anyone advise me what to look for when buying one for home use - I used one quite a bit when recovering from a back injury & feel the need to do something exercise wise (other than golf) this winter
I see some advertised as having "magnetic resistance"
What types of machines are there?
How much do you need to spend to get a decent one?
I noticed a York X730 (I believe) with £100 off at Argos making it £299 - would that fit the bill?
Your best advice would be much appreciated
I bought one of these recently (although a lower spec model)

Is it for cardio or strength? This system works on your own weight for resistance. Allows you to exercise pretty much any part of the body. But I know there's a few on here that are real experts on the whole fitness scene - Razor especially.
Chris - thanks for the reply - just for general cardio/vasc exercise - I cant get too carried away due to a back (disc) injury ... Paul ;)
The kit I linked is not really suited to a great cardio workout, in my opinion.

I tend to combine the resistance workout with alternate days of cycling for around 30 minutes - I find I need to get out in the fresh air.
Try Here:

I just bought a 2 in 1 cycle/rower for £125.00. It says refurbished on the box but when I got it home it's all brand new and sealed.(£399 in Argos catalogue)
They have a big warehouse and their head office in Daventry.They supply Argos etc in huge numbers. Any end of line etc are sold as Refurb even though they're new. I got a full 12 month warrenty too.
The machine I bought is a cycle which converts over to a rower by lowering the handlebars to the floor. Works well. Not sure if it's on the website though. If not look at Argos then ring York direct.
happyh - thanks I have had a look at the site you mentioned - this attempt to buy an elliptical trainer is turning into a bit of a chore! I went to a local fitness place who had about 10 machines from £200 to £1000+ The ones in my price range vary so much in size & feel & even with a choice of 4 I couldn't make a choice (!)
I may opt for a York machine but get it from Argos so that if it isnt right I can send it back for another or a refund - a bit negative but I dont have money to burn ... Paul
PS If anyone knows where I could try some out in the Surrey Hants Berks area I'd be much obliged (?)

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