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Looking for a cross platform NAS with the following requirements:

Storage support for Windows and OS X
Print Server support for Windows and OS X
Backup Solution support from Windows and OS X
Media Sharing to Xbox 360 - ideally UPNP
Download Server USENET and some TORRENTS

I recently bought a Buffalo Linkstation Live 320gb however the Print server doesnt work with my printer (Canon MP470) and it doesnt stream to the XBOX 360 and doesnt support Downloads unless you hack it.

Any suggestions?

I have been looking at QNAP TS-109 which seems to fit the bill however its pricey without a HDD. Ideally dont want to spend anything about £130 if i can avoid it.
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How much do you have to spend?
What size of NAS are you looking for?
Gigabit ethernet required?
RAID required?
Expandable with 2 or 4 drive ports+ or just a single drive?

So many questions. Most (if not all) current NAS drives will do all of what you asked. Just have a look at all the ones available on Scan or Amazon.

And you just add your price limit and I would say for that you'll not get much bang for your buck.
You might be better off using FreeNAS and and old PC with any old HD's you have kicking about and setting up your own NAS.


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sorry, i was mid post and submitted it hence the screwed up post/title.

I have that currently in the 320gb version and it doesnt do what i want. Scan has the QNAP TS-109 for £115, i could add a hard drive for a little more and it would just be over my budget.

in response to your questions:

How much do you have to spend? - about £130 but a little more if need by
What size of NAS are you looking for? - Single Unit, desktop HDD size
Gigabit ethernet required? - not essential but handy for future proff
RAID required? - Not required straight away but option would be nice
Expandable with 2 or 4 drive ports+ or just a single drive? - As above - single drive with option of adding another



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You should be able to find one via Scan or Amazon that will fit the bill. No idea about any of them as I don't have a NAS yet. Been working on converting an old PC with 4 IDE drives over to a NAS, but having an issue trying to get the thing to boot from a USB drive to run FreeNAS.


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hmm, it seems i would need a few different devices to achieve what i want. Airport express for Time Machine and Printing to MAC and NAS drive for Storage and Media Sharing/Downloading.

Why cant it be simple. Might for the time being buy a decent sized HDD and an enclosure and just hook it up when required.

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Why not buy an old PC for £130, you should be able to get plenty of power for a nice Linux install and you can do it all from one box...

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