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A Quicky.

My Energy Speakers go down to 90Hz,
However my AX3 only allows you to set its Crossover to 50 Hz,80 Hz,100Hz, 120Hz, 200Hz.

Should I:

1) Set the receivers crossover to 100Hz, but set the Sub's crossover to approx 90Hz.

2) Set the receivers crossover to 80Hz, and defeat the Subs crossover.

3) Set the receivers crossover to 100Hz, and defeat the Sub's crossover

The problem with setting the crossover to 100hz, is that the Sub is located approx 1.3 metres from the listening position, and feel that the base will be localized.

Any hints & tips are greatly appreciated

Ian J

1) is a non starter in theory as any frequencies between 90Hz and 100Hz will disappear and not be reproduced anywhere. Having said that it does depend on the accuracy of the crossovers in both the amp and the sub and whilst it shouldn't work in theory, it may in practice.

The best bet would be to play with options 2) and 3) and you should be able to tell which is the preferred route by just a few listening tests.


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A cross-over of 120Hz would work. (you need a steady slope for the cross-over)

You might also like to try the "PLUS"-setting for the sub (if available on the AX3), and set the subwoofer cross-over to around 90Hz. Again you need a steady (and equal) drop-off slope for both the subwoofer and the speakers.
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