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I am new to Freeview, which I receive through my Panasonic DMR-EH60D.

The recorder is set to produce 4 x 3 picture. My ancient TV has only 'normal' and 'wide' picture settings. When playing back some recordings from Freeview I find that the only way to have the contents of the picture - figures, buildings etc. - properly proportioned, is to have a broad black band along the top, bottom and righthand side of the screen, the picture being flush with the lefthand side. I can't understand why this squarish picture does not fill the screen in the way that analogue recordings do.

This syndrome does not affect all recordings, only some, but always digital, for example the film 'Internal Affairs' a couple of nights ago.

I have tried all combinations of picture ratio available on the recorder and the TV, but there appears to be no solution.

Is this usual or am I, in my ignorance, failing to spot an available 'tweak'? I have thoroughly read the manual, but these things always seem to assume a knowledge of jargon, so I may be missing something here.


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I will have to set up an internet forum for victims of the Panasonic Freeview 4:3 picture problem. It will have alot of members I am sure...

Bien, I have recently posted on this. Check out the links in this post:

But I am afraid that there is no answer to the problem. I use an external Freeview box to get around the problem. Sorry mate.


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