Critiques on a 5.0.4 apartment setup


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Hey guys.

Buying my first HT setup after years of just using built-in TV audio, wanted to do a sanity check before pulling the trigger.

Setup : 5.0.2

5 x OG KEF LS50 units from Ebay

Ceiling mounted KEF T301 for atmos

Denon x4500h

Generic Amazon Speaker Stands

Area : 12 x 12 x 8 area in the middle of a 12 x 27 x 8 room. Will be mostly for desktop pc use, sitting 5.5 feet away from a 77 inch TV, with the option to move things to be couch oriented (8~9 feet away from the TV) as needed.

End Goal : 5.1.4

Because I live in an apartment and don't like cranking the volume (not just for neighbors, I just don't like things too loud) I was going to go with wall mounted KEF LSX with an AVR but decided to go with the KEF LS50.

I'm also considering maybe getting Q150s for surrounds instead; if I do so would there be any part of the setup that the saved money should go towards?

Any thoughts or criticisms would be appreciated, thanks!


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You can use Q150 as surround sides, some members in US use Kef Eggs (E301/HTS3001) with Q/R/LS50 speakers at front! Which ever works best in your room.

The saved money should go toward quality subwoofer. :) As you live in US have a look at HSU research, Rythmik Audio, SVS, Monoprice Monolith (10-15" THX range) to name few great choices there! Buy it from company that specializes in building woofers as you get better build quality, performance, warranty and support!

The 3-5x LS50 is quite popular what i have seen in AVSForum (US). But also some UK members use them for cinema builds. Clearly they aren´t the most ideal for dedicated cinema use (power hungry and small in size/drivers), but for typical lounge use when subwoofer is taking big load they should be great option assuming you like the sound of course! If you have local dealer that keeps them, ask demo first (even if you don´t buy from them!).



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Thanks so much for the amazing response!

The setup in the picture looks amazing; great inspiration since I'm also working on a small space.

I've been debating whether I should get a sub, given that I live in an apartment, but have been researching ways to keep the neighbors happy while still enjoying one.

From what I can tell it seems like even if I keep the output of the sub low, and kill the power of the bass, it would be able compensate for the lack of depth on the other monitors. Not sure I completely understand, but I'm likely going to be getting dual SVS PB1000s. :)

Thanks for the recommendation on the surrounds as well. I've never heard of the "egg" models, but am going to do some research on them and see if there are good deals on ebay!


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A Sub is definitely recommended. Some AVRs have options like Dynamic Range Compressor for use, especially at night..
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