Criterion USA Buying: Good and Bad News


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I've been ignoring my Criterion USA buying as the prices as we all know are just crazy. I spent a bit of time last night figuring out what I'm missing (that's the first draft):


I've still been buying lots of Criterions (including the UK edtions and I think there's a few on that list too) but I've restarted today and bought a couple from the USA. In the last year I've probably bought 10 or so Criterions so it's a slow process since I'm only buying for <£16.00 where I can. The days of Barnes & Noble's average of £13.00 are long gone I think (although that £13.00 was when they shipped to the UK).

For all you folk using Stackry what's your average Criterion price working out at?

I was a big user of Shipito but with price increases from everywhere (including them) it was working out cheaper just importing direct 1 at a time. Saying that I'd use them again for stuff that can't be shipped direct.

Jessica Noir

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I've barely bought any from the US since Covid hit and B&N stopped international shipping. Bought a couple through WowHD but only for the essential titles.

Very much hoping that B&N start back up again, especially now Criterion has committed to 4K.

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