Criterion collection - Blu Ray?


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As it seems the format war is now over is it feasible to expect Criterion or their ilk to release in HD? I love the way they present their films and in most cases the transfers are amazing ( you just have to look at their version of Spartacus) but wonder if there is any reason for them to release any of the old classics in 1080...would it make any difference to the pic quality / experience? I can see the reasoning for something like "Ran" or "Tenenbaums" but what about the likes of "Carnival of Souls"?



Just take a look at the HD releases of Casablanca and the Searchers. Stunning quality, putting several more recent movies to shame in terms of PQ.

BTW, when did the format war end? :confused:


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Surely the source material of some of the releases would severely limit a HD (either format) of a lot of criterions releases?


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I would suspect that they would have to revert to the original neg to achieve HD quality and in some of those classics it may be a transfer too far. I must track down the "Searchers" and have a look at it in HD. My standard def copy is not great, which is why I thought dvd was as good as it gets and HD wouldn't make much difference to classic films. I suppose just to contradict myself, 35mm or 70mm would contain much more information than even hi def could cope with.

And is the format war not all but over due to Warners recent announcement?


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