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A bit behind the times but I finally managed to buy a copy of Crimson Skies yesterday for the xbox.

And so far after a couple of hours with it yesterday I'm very impressed. No lag whatsoever, really excellent music and sound effects, top graphics and explosions and lots and lots of very smooth arcadey action.

On a side note - who else thinks that the high street retailers are effectively artificially and abitrairily controling the price of second hand games? There's no transparency as to how prices are set. I took in Counter Strike, Mace Griffin and Jedi Academy for a total of eighteen pounds. WTF? Eighteen pounds?

It's mildy annoying to see the game back on the shelf ten minutes later for £20. Jeez it represents an enormous profit. Maybe I'm just extremely envious. Or maybe there's something in it. Anyone think they're price fixing?


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just sold Championship manager 2002/2003 on E-bay got £10 plus P&P better off than on hight st stores m8 only £6 for Jedi
sh*t I would have give you a tenner for that or even try this forum to sell ya games advetise on here first look at game preowned and take a couple of quid off


Cheers UT,

I know that there are options. I suppose for convenience you can't beat the highstreet. The trade off is you're at their pricing mercy. I'm not sure how they have the balls to stand there and make it look like they're doing you a favour. "Oh, here's six pounds for that game you bought last week second hand for twenty".

Do I look like I have "****" tatooed on my forehead?

None of you monkeys are allowed to answer that!!! :) ;-)

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