Criminal is the word


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I am an Aussie through and through (Brisbane) but when I was sacked for being to old after working for the same company for 25 years and being in the top three managers world wide I found it hard to get a job I was always told we ware looking for some one younger, or we wanted some one who will be with us at least 20 years or more.

In the end I gave up after sending my resume to over one thousand companies all the jobs I was qualified to do and supported with two degrees one in Business Management and Sales and marketing along with 25 years practical know how.

I then submitted my Resume onto the international market and with in 5 days was approached by a Chinese company to work for them.

Now one year Since I have been here in Shenzhen China I have more then tripled this companies bottom line and what’s more I get paid very well here do I miss Blue Skies and Australia yes but here I have a future back home I am to old I am 55

Then a thought came to me why is we can make and sell media players and achieve a good profit on a product like am DVR or a Media Player and yet in Australia and Europe it is sold up to 500 times more than we sold it to the buyer for.

It is criminal when you know how much this company sells the product for and how much you pay

Kevin Rudd you need to have a look if you wish to reduce Inflation



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and this has exactly what to do with computer systems? i can understand your frustration but this isnt the place to discus this sort of thing mate.


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I do not know if its criminal or not but I do know that what you're saying is true.

There's so much markup in European & UK markets and the rates compared to the produce by Chinese companies that its almost always unbelievable but this happens day in and day out with almost all the electronic gadgets and computer parts.


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Yes I am FRUSTRATED and I welcome your fair coment

I bought my very first lap top in 1984 it did not even have a hard drive just a Cassette tape and Dos for programing, I have update and bought all, excepting the cost as a part of life and the other day I saw a company name which discribed me and no it is not my company or a company that I work for but Apt Broke Geek (I thought it cool)

Any way the point of my story is this I knew every one has to make a profit or how do you live and why be in Business but it was not until I worked here that I really understood how much we are getting ripped off.

Profit is one thing but to me this is criminal the cost of living is getting higher so companies do away with people like me.

Lets cut the cost and save our childrens future and make computing cheaper.

And the computer industry


I welcome any personal comments


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yeah i agree that electronic components as a whole are extremely marked up and overpriced compared to a country sound as japan or china that knock them out for the price of peanuts. and yes the uk has a high living cost (dont get me started on housing) but what can we do about it? nothing that we can do will make a difference its the whole system that needs changing.


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the simple answer to your question is the western world full of shareholders who don't care about the way things are made or aquired but only want to see their profit

80%of new gadgets are made in the east at very low prices then sold in the west for stupid money
prime example is apple,iphone to buy sim free about £350 to make about £10.whos making all the profit??

until the western world stops worshipping money the whole world has no chance until we nearly destroy it!!!!

thats my rant for the day

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