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If you're a fan of "Law And Order" (or any of its off-shoots), then this will make you happy.

Five are showing a special double-story, crossover edition of "Law And Order" and "Law And Order: Special Victims Unit" on Saturday 1st May, between 10:20pm and 12:15am.

The first show, "L&O: SVU" is entitled "ENTITLED - Part 1", and follows the murder of an alleged sexual predator which leads the detectives (Benson and Stabler) to an influential and highly wealthy family.

The second show, "L&O", called "ENTITLED - Part 2", continues the story, when the wealthy family start hindering the investigation, and District Attorney Jack McCoy finds the family's matriachal head a formidable opponent.

If you love crime dramas, then these two episodes are certainly worth viewing, even if you aren't a regular follower of either of these two US imports.

are five going to be showing special victims unit on a regualr basis because know hallmark are going to start showing special victims unit again in mid may


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Hi Miller,

Five will be showing L&O: SVU Season 2 once CSI, CSI: Miami, L&O and L&O:CI have all finished their respective runs.

Five will probably run it alongside Season 2 of "Boomtown" or Season 3 of "The Shield".

Either way, it'll come to Five in the next 3 months or so. If you want, you can phone Five on: 08457-05-05-05 between 10am and 7pm, and ask one of the staff if they have any further details.




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Boomtown has been cancelled! There are only 6 episodes (instead of the planned 22) in season two.

Five have told me that they will air them though, but i dont know when. Shame as it was a great show, just re-watching season one on DVD at the moment.

alle v

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...I also thought it was good.

I just don't understand why good shows get canned and crapola ones seem to go on and on!!


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No Entry,

More than likely, Five will show the remaining six episodes, once "CSI" or "CSI Miami", or the two "law And Order" series finish their current airings, and will probably pair-it up with "The Shield: Season 3".


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