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I have just bought these two DVDs from MVC in their two for £18 sale. I remember watching this series when it was broadcast on a Saturday years ago.

Have finished watching the first two DVDs. I really enjoyed watching this series the first time around and have to say am thoroughly enjoying watching it again.

The story lines are fairly simple and usually quite easy to guess who the 'baddy' is, but it is still very enjoyable viewing. There are a number of good characters in this series and they are played very well by the actors (some well known faces and some unknowns).

I have to say I'm very disappointed they never made any further episodes. I would guess this would be because the series wasn't received very well by the public. Nevertheless I enjoyed it and thought it was a great series. If you like sci-fi / mystery, then you'll like this series (if you havent already seen it).

Am I one of the few who enjoyed this series? Anyone else any comments?



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David Wicks.......what was his name in Eastenders again?


I really enjoyed it also.

Chloe Annette also played Kochanski in the later Red Dwarf series, bit of a babe.


mjn - that WAS his Eastenders character name :)

The actor is Michael French.

[homer mode]mmmm.....Chloe[/homer mode]

Yes, I really enjoyed this series too. Didn't even know it was out on DVD though!


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i knew that :D


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i was being sarcastic......obviously wasted....

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