Cricket 2004 on Xbox?


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Anyone know if they plan to release it on the god console? If so when?



If you find anything out on this one I would be interested to.



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I've looked on all the usual gaming sites and can find no mention of it, only for the cruddy PS2


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I was a games tester at EA for a short time about a year and tested rugby 2004 i can assure you that it is only for PS2/PC
The same developers also made Rugby 2004 and this was out on the same formats.
And you are not missing anything out, its a rubbish game.altho that might have somthing to do with solid play for 2 months


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cause I did, most of the testers who play the games think they are rubbish.
We can’t do anything about it though we are there to test the game. We can make suggestions on how to improve the game but if they fix it or not is another thing.
In rugby 2004 I entered a bug, that if you run into your own tri area and press a combination of buttons your player locks up.
And you have no control over the player.
Cause the game was about to go final in about a week they never fixed it.

I imagine most devs are the same, they simply don’t care about there game enoth to care if its good, as long as its got the licence on the cover and your can get from A-B.
Thank god we have the bungies and lionhead of this world or gaming would be rubbish.

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