Crestron programmers?



If there's any Crestron programmers on the forum I would be very appreciative of some telephone/ forum support???

This things a nightmare.......:mad:

If only i could afford the 850 euro a day charge for one of you guy's to come to my house.

I have a st 1550c touch panel
st-cp control processor

wanting to control:

panny pj (pt100)
Denon 3802 amp
My kids sony s525 dvd player
remote screen (rf signal) don't know if possible

I know its a long shot but i'm desperate.... :lease:


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As Gordon indicated most of the Crestron programmers hang out on US website, try

How much have you done to date? If you can build the UI and have the general look and feel working, pull together the correct IR files and have everything to hand it can reduce the cost of the final programming.

I am going down this route myself, and I have a Crestron independent programming looking at my kit next week, with a view to complete the logic programming all for a small fee considering the amount of Crestron kit and AV kit I need to control.

PM if you want more details or a better understanding of what’s required.


Thanks Gordon/ pemberto

Any chance of speaking to you pemberto?

Pm me your telephone number?


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Adam, PM Sent- Talk to you later.

Vis Man

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Hi Adam

Im a Crestron Programer for a AV company. What your trying to program is very straight forward and with a bit of tinkering with the programs you should be able to do this yourself and save some money. Start with the panel layout first (Keep it simple to start with). If you need any help with the Simple Windows program i will be happy to help you online or by phone. To start with control every thing IR (the screen will need some sort of relay control). Then when you get the hang of it start looking at controling the projector RS232. When you no wich symbols to use in simple windows it will all start to make sence. GO ON HAVE AGO:smashin:


Thanks Vis Man. :smashin:

pemberto was very knid in giving me a template for my touchpanel :D

I will be having a go again at it this weekend, so if i may call on you then?

Thanks again guys...


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Hi Guys,
I'm building up bits and pieces for my home build in 2005. I have recently obtained Crestron ST-CP and ST-IO modules.
With an advanced understanding of electronics, but crap understanding of programming, I am genuinely excited about building up a crestron system for control of my new house.
The programming bit scares me though!!
Have you got, or do you know of, any other modules/screens etc that would be available for purchase?

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