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lisa burrell

with my Credit card i never spend more than i can pay back at the end of each month. So I am not one of there best customers. What I do also is I never spend anything till the day my statement arrives knowing that what i bought i wont have to pay for for roughly six weeks. Guy at work seems to think the rules have changed on this now there not giving us that long anymore. We even are both with the same credit card. Can anyone shine a torch on this please.


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Ring your credit card company, and they'll tell you.


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depends on the issuer ....

I don't think there are changing rules as such; though your particular issue may have amended the T&Cs

with AMEX I get a statement around the 28th to be paid around the 23rd
with Nationwide I get a statement around the 18th to be paid around the 1st ... so they're tighter than AMEX

pop over to and the comparisons they have of mosts CCs - based on the type that suits you (e.g. cashback reward schemes, etc etc)


it just depends on the statement date, when you receive it, and the date you have to repay each month, so you could get up to 6 weeks interest free, depending on dates, and as long as you repay the full balance by the payment deadline you won't pay interest

what you seem to be doing is fine, it's when you can't repay the whole amount each month that you can start getting into trouble, particularly if you are having to pay interest, although there are plenty 0% for up to 12 months deals on transfers and new cards, and the current in thing is giving low interest of usually 6.9% on the life of transfer balances, which can work out cheaper than loans in some cases. i regularly transfer balances between accounts to benefit from zero or low interest deals and have been doing for a long time, as i always spend too much


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Barclaycard have admitted to moving dates forward gradually every month, especially if you pay off full amount.

This is a technique to catch out the unwary who pay on the same date every month - as these are usually the customers who dont generate a profit.


Thank you for that reminder, I will just go and pay my Barclay card bill :)

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