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Hi Guys, apologies if this has been aske dnbefore but I couldn't find an answer. Can anyone tell me if there are any credit cards out there that don't apply a surcharge for buying in US$? I've been told Nationwide do but not sure if this is correct. Any help would be great.


I have a nationwide cc and i dont remember ever being hit with a surcharge for buying in any currency.


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Surcharges can be

a) explicitly stated on your statement OR
b) hidden within the exchange rate used for the transaction.

Unfortunately, whlist you can often find out what % the surcharge is (where applied) what you can't ever easily find out, is what rate is used on any given day, except by trying it. Rates vary throughout the day. Rates also vary from card issuer to card issuer. And a different rate can make as much difference to the price you pay as the surcharge can. It's never the rate they quote on the TV in the morning (for example). It's always "worse" from your perspective.

There WAS a thread on this very subject a couple of months ago. I think the general opinion was that Nationwide has the best overall deal.

The important point is not to get 'bogged down' with talk of surcharges as there are other ways card issuers can make their profit. Call a few and ask them something like

If I bought something costing USD100 today, what would it cost me in total if I use your card?

To compare - you have to call them all within a few minutes of one another because, as I say, rates vary during the day. And the best they'll give you is an indication - not a quote.


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I'd love a nationwide credit card and have applied twice but they won't let me have one. I'm probably viewed in a negative light as I pay all my credit card bills in full and fairly early to avoid any chance of interest charges.

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