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going to order a couple of dvd's from dvdsoon, can anyone tell me if there is a charge by the credit card company for the change from pounds to dollars?

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Ususally there is a charge, I don't think Nationwide have a charge though. Abbey's charge is 2.25% I think.


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There is a charge normally on most cards of about 2.5% added for foreign transactions. Howver if its a foreign firm that is actually charging in pounds sterling like cdwow I think there is no charge. Also Nationwide don't charge the 2.5% but there just about the only credit card company that don't. I've applied for a nationwide credit card twice and they won't let me have one :-(

At the end of the day though 25p for every £10 spent doesn't make much difference to the bargain prices you can get from dvdsoon.

Damn will k beat me to it.


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Originally posted by bonzobanana
I've applied for a nationwide credit card twice and they won't let me have one :-(

I applied for a debit card from them and they wouldnt even let me have that! and I've been with them for about 5 years. Went to HSBC and got a credit and debit card no problem so Nationwide can get stuffed :devil:


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I think this has been discussed on the site before. Someone rightly pointed out that even though they may not levy a charge, it depends on the exchange rate they use. You may get a better rate from a company who do charge. I just booked some hotel accommodation on my RBS Advanta card (now called Mint unfortunately) and got an exchange rate over $1.88 to the pound. This was very good as the bank rate on was not much more at the time. Looking to see what happens next time I use it.

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