Creative Zen Touch 20gb Firmware Problem


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Ok, so I was updating my zen touch with power plugged in etc, the normal and it was taking a while so I went away to watch some TV and when I came back noticed my computer had gone to sleep, so I woke it up but the update software had frozen. I then left it for another 2 hours (turning sleep off/hibernate etc off) and when I came back it was still froze at the same %. I then closed the update software and attempted to restart the firmware update but my PC (firmware) wouldn't detect the touch when it was run. Now I can't update the touch and the touch has no firmware installed. When I turn the touch on now i get a recovery mode menu which has 4 options, clean up, format, reload firmware and reboot. I tried all of the option, even trying reload firmware and trying to load the firmware at the same time on my computer but to no avail.

So now has anybody got any idea on how to resolve this issue? If it helps the menu tells me the firmware is 0.0.10
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