Creative Zen Problem


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Detailed Problem Description:
>The player makes a clicking noise on startup, then
>freezes on the Creative logo screen. When the
>reboot menu comes up, it is not possible to format
>the player as a screen saying "Harddisk problem"
>comes up. This is the same when the Reload
>Firmware option is chosen. The Clean Up option
>does nothing.

I have downloaded the firmware and attempted to upgrade with no success

Any Ideas would be appreciated.:lease:


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Machno13 said:
Thanks for the reply, yes it was dropped! The model is Creative Zen 20gb (Black)

how far was it dropped?
Depending on how far it was dropped, its not suprising its been damaged. I'm not sure if theres any fixes for it, all I can suggest is that you get onto creative support to see what they say.


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Thanks again, it was dropped about 3 feet to the floor:oops: , we are also awaiting a reply from Creative support. I'll keep you posted on the outcome.:rolleyes:


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Many thanks to Welsh Bluebird for the replies to my topic, Creative Support suggested we contact the vendor, i.e., which we did, as we have spent quite a lot with them they are exchanging the MP3 player for a new one, even though we had dropped it. Result or what?! :thumbsup:

Thanks again:clap:


Tell me if this sounds strange. I recently purchased the new Creative Zen (32GB), loaded all my audio, video, and photos from my Zen Vision M and have had no problems editing, downloading, etc. until yesterday when no software program (e.g. Media Explorer, Media Organizer) would see any of the files in the ZEN. All my files in the new ZEN are fine. My Vision M is seen by the software with no problems.
Is it possible that some form of partition is in the new ZEN and that now prevents files from being seen? If so, does that mean I need to re-format?

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