Creative XFI Fatality PC Soundcard

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Anyone know how this "stacks up" against a "normal" amp?

I have heard that the processing power is far in excess of that of even the most expensive dedicated Amps. If this is so, why not just use this to pipe music?

Surely this cannot be right?

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It serves a different purpose to an amp. Processing power is no measure of its ability to sound great, just an indication of its ability to do lots of things with effects to improve your gaming experience. As a tool for games it is probably hard to beat, as a music processor or digital pass through I think there is better out there.

NB, is this better placed in the pc forum?


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Has sort of relevance to amps I suppose.

You should look at the sound card as a processor as it still needs an amp to produce any sound.


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the new Creative card range are more tuned for enhancing gaming experience and listening to MP3's....from the reviews i've read on various tech forums they dont actually do a lot for most decently mastered CD's or DVD-A/SACD' might as well get a cheaper Audigy2.......

however if you game a lot, then its worth getting the Fatality one because most games coming out now that have need for surround sound are being written to take advantage of the cards onboard RAM, this helps free up your processor for the physics heavy stuff in the game....
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