Creative Recon Omega 3D wireless gaming headphones - connection question?


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I'm considering these gaming headphones:

Buy Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless - Sound Blaster - Creative Store (UK)

I'll be using them on the PS3 and 360 and hopefully with Sky and WDTV Live Hub. I just need some advice regarding a set-up that requires minimal fuss when using different devices.

I want to utilise the 'optical-in' input on the Creative headphone card from each of my devices. My PS3, 360 and WDTV connect to my amp via HDMI so all have spare optical outputs. My Sky box connects to my amp via optical, so, I'm thinking I can use an optical splitter on that to create another optical out connection. Then, I'll have four optical connections that I want to go to the Creative card.

I'm looking at getting one of these and using it just for optical switching (there's a new one on eBay for £15): - Buy Joytech XBox 360 Control Center (540C) online at and read reviews. Free delivery to UK and Europe!

So then I'll have a single optical output from that which I can plug into the Creative headphone card and switch between inputs on the Joytech box. Then I just have to connect via USB to power the Creative card.

I'm wondering if this set-up will work okay? Will it work okay with the feeds from the Sky and WDTV boxes?

Proposed set-up:
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You probably better off getting 'proper headphones' like Audio Technica, Beyerdynamics dt range, Shure 840 e.t.c than those Creative headphones unless If you have to go wireless. The Recon 3D doesn't seem to support 5.1 either.

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