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creative muvo micro n200

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by PikPik Carrot, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. PikPik Carrot

    PikPik Carrot

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    Im looking at some mp3s players for my dad.He after one thats not too expensive with good sound quality and also has radio.Im looking at this one..
    creative muvo micro n200, it got 4 stars in what hifi.

    Can anyone who has heard this give me some info on it... like the radio quality both sound and recepition, the sound quality on the mp3 playback,does it support vbr mp3 as creatives uk site doesn't say and the quality of the earphones.

    Any other player suggestions would be good.Needs to be under £100 though,have radio, preferably support vbr mp3 encoding and at least 256mb storage.

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