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Creative Muvo 2

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by ParmMann, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. ParmMann

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    Dec 6, 2004
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    I bought myself one of these the other day, and just thought I'd let you all know that its brilliant.

    It has only a 4gb capacity, which is a lot less than many other mp3 players, but its ideal for my purposes.
    I bought an MP3 player for two reasons, firstly to listen to music now and then, secondly and more importantly, to transport work to and fro University.

    Its perfect for both jobs.

    Looks really cool, is very small and very light. Fits easily into all my pockets, and is very comfortable to wear.

    Very easy to use, I don't mind complicated things, I'm a fan of gadgets, and there are things you can play with on the Muvo, but when you just wanna grab it, throw on some music, and listen, its basically as easy as that.

    Although the capacity isn't huge with 4gb's, I think its more than enough. As an MP3 player, I don't intend to have all 40gb's or so of my MP3's on a device at any one time. By the time you find a track, you'll kill your battery. :laugh:
    I tend to go through phases with music, this week I'll be listening to one type of music, next week I'll be onto something else.
    The Muvo is great for chopping and changing, USB 2, file transfers are very fast and convenient.

    No additional software required, plug it in and you're off.

    If you're not transferring files, just plug it in anyhow and you can recharge the battery directly from the USB port.

    Bloody 'ell, I didn't mean to right up a whole review. I'm happy with my Muvo 2, and I'd recommend it to others thinking of getting one.

    My only advice would be, keep a good pair of scissors on you, getting into the box is a bit of a mission.

  2. chachi


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    Wifey has one ... another nice thing is the battery is user-replaceable ala a mobile phone battery (and also rather cheap on eBay)

    Paired with a set of sony fontopia 7 series earphones with the rare-earth magnets gives some of the best portable sound quality I've heard

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