Creative Mp3+ external sound card?

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by zoolap, May 29, 2003.

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    Some of you may be aware of the Creative MP3+ external sound card (should I say adapter)

    I think there is a similar M-Audio device also.

    What I'm thinking is - in a htpc setup internal soundcards are open to inteference created from the m.board and other devices. Using an external sound card should in theory cut down on this. What about using a device like that above to pipe Dolby Digital/DTS via the SPDIF to my amp?

    Do you think it's worth doing or should I just get a conventional PCI sound card and use the SPDIF on there.
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    hey man i think i might be able to help...

    just here recently i just hooked up and old reciever i bought for 50 $ to my onboard soundcard using a y splitter or something (its got one end with a 1/8'' and the other with the red/white audio cables).

    but when you do this you pick up that crazy interference(from what i read its mainly from the powersource in the computer).

    so i did some reading and came across some help. this one guy said to use a thing called a ground loop isolator, something that you can buy at radio shack for 15 bucks, and it comes with the y splitter thing. and man, it worked great, no interference at all now. here's the website that im talking about.

    hopefully maybe that helped.

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