Creative Gigaworks T20 vs. T20 Series II


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Just found this on blogspot, if anyone's interested:

According to one review I found differences between T40 and T40 Series II are:

1) New color scheme (Glossy Black)
2) Changed the 3.5mm headphone jacks from silver to gold plated
(The sound quaility makes a huge difference btwn silver & gold plated in my experience)
3) Changed the on/off switch on the T40 from the back to the front
4) Included front side aux input jack for T40
5) Removed the extremely bright blue power LED
5) Increased size of the knobs to improve grip (possible even changing the texture)


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I bought the gigaworks t20 awhile ago and i think its a very good investment for a very decent pair of speakers. Despite not having a subwoofer, the t20 still manage to produce very deep bass which is really impressive if you see how small the speakers actually are. If it wasn;t for the cost consideration, i would have gotten the t40 ...


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I was considering the T40s as well but I think the T20s should be sufficient for a bedroom set up.
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