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Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Galaxy, Nov 16, 2001.

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    Hi, any help would be appreciated, I have decided to go for a dedicated HTPC for my projector system.
    I see that creative have the "encore 12x infra" DVD display package which looks mighty tempting, I have also seen on the watford site the microATX case and M/B with 1000 athlon and 128ram, with this system it would fit nicely into my cabinets (with cooling) and using my amp/decoder would need no sound card or graphics card, I would feed straight to the projector using VGA cable and contorl the system with the supplied IR software via my Pronto. Seems i could put together the whole bundle for the price of a middling DVD player and have far better quality! Does anyone have any info or recommendations about this?
    Also can I enable region free or selectable with the creative system?
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    Before buying a dvd player I used the dxr3 creative card to connect to my tv via a 10mtr svideo lead,the picture was pin sharp even though the lead only cost £8,the infra pack you can get now is a much better option,it was a right pain with no remote. this should give you some info about region compatability.

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