Question Creating fixed partitions or folders in raid 1


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I’m about to buy a Synology DS720+ and will fit two 6TB drives in. I want to create 3 fixed sized folders or partitions on the drive 0. For instance

Movies - 4TB
Photos - 1TB
Data - 1TB

I’ve always assumed you can do this but can’t find any references to it. I suspect I’m not quite understanding the terminology but any advice appreciated


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Can't see why you would have any problem doing that. Just install the discs, create the raid array and then set up the space as you've outlined above. Should be pretty straightforward and intuitive.


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Best thing is just to crack and set it up I guess. It seemed obvious but thought I’d ask. Good enough for me, thanks :smashin:

I suppose I’ll find out but are they folders or portions ? For the life of me I can’t find a direct reference onthe Synology website. But that’s probably me using the wrong terminology


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Have a look at the documentation on Synology Storage Manager. What you'll do is create a storage pool (usually that will include both disks in whatever RAID configuration you choose). Then you can create Volumes in the Storage Pool. You can individually size the Volumes (in your case 3 volumes called Movies, Photos and Data). Then create the required Shares in the Volumes, you can call the Shares the same as the Volumes to prevent confusion.

However, why not create a single Volume and just create Folders for the Movies, Photos and Data Shares ? I don't see any advantage to restricting the sizes of each folder.


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You might as well create them as folders. You will basically create one big 'storage pool' which will be 6TB(ish) in size. You will then create a movies folder, a photos folder and a date folder. Doing it this way you won't be assigning them sizes as such but they will all just use as much of the 6TB as they need. You could create them as 3 separate volumes on the storage pool and assign them a size limit but I'm not sure that would bring any advantage.


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Thanks cjed. I have been reading up and creating the storage pool, single volume, and the 3 plus a fourth folder which will be Time Machine so I would need to restrict that as it grows massively if its allowed to. With a limited amount of space ancient backups are delted to make room. I'm happy to restrict the sizes of the others but I can see the sense as well in not doing that.


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So folders aren't strictly required ? Just storage pool and then, now, 4 volumes

Time Machine (restricted or quota as Syn calls it )

All backed up using Synology backup program to external drives which I have.
Load Plex server and away I go.


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I have a QNAP setup with exactly the same setup RAID1 with 2x3TB
Once you have everything set up, go into the File staion area, well thats what its called in QNAP, and make your folders.
I have an external 4tb drive that Backs up my media everyday.

Its no harder than that

Sloppy Bob

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I have my Synology setup as three separate mapped drives on my desktop. I use Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR1) which is similar to RAID5.

X: Media
Y: PC Backups
Z: Data

It is all one large storage pool though. Files don't instantly transfer from one to the other like they would in a folder, they need to be copied or moved over and do so at a fast speed, but not instantly.


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I realise after reading it a bit more and peoples help here I was overthinking it so it’s not as complicated as my imagination led me. It’s just getting your head around the terminology the NAS uses and a different way of thinking about things. Clear now so thanks everyone.

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