Crazy whistle from speakers.


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New here.I bought pair of Bowers CM8 s1 to move on from my 683 s1.My receiver is a Denon in Command 3200 series.The CM8 are producing a weird whistle when the receiver os turned off.Dont hear it while the receiver is playing or maybe i dont hear due to whatever is playing at the time.Anyone have any related issues from their setup.?Could it be my receiver going out?


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What sources are connected? If you unplug everything else connected to the amp, does it still whistle?

Does it do it with your old speakers?

It does sound like the amplifier has a fault however.


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Sounds like you are picking some interference up somewhere (if everything was fine before). Have you introduced a power pack somewhere or at least disturbed one when installing the replacement speakers.

As @noiseboy72 has mentioned, unplug any electrical device from the mains (just the electricity supply) close to both the speakers and that includes the amp. Wait 20 mins (This should give the amp plenty of time to discharge anything it might be holding), then plug just the amp back in and if the whistle comes back after a few minute If's could be as you suspect one of two things. Swap to a different pair of speakers to see if it is the speakers causing an issue. If the whistle goes, then swap them back to see if it comes back. If it does come back, is the system adjacent to the kitchen?

The reason I mention this is I did find that a microwave caused a very strange issue once which needed replacing. It's one of the oddest things I've ever come across.

Another thought: The whistle, is it very high pitched? If so, do you have anything which uses a HDD like a sky box. It could be that you are hearing it as all drive spin emitting an annoying high pitched sound, I know I can hear mine especially when every things go very quiet

If you still have a whistle once you've tried everything, it will most likely point to the amp whereas if it went away when you swapped them, then it will be pointing to the speakers :)


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I suspect the amp is slightly unstable, and it goes into oscillation when the amp is turned off. Though it is hard to say what is causing this.


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