Crawl Blu-ray Review & Comments


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I really enjoyed this in the cinema


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This is a little gem of a movie. Gators look pretty convincing also.
Lots of suspense and lots of water involved of course.
Run time is fine.


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The booty at the beginning was the best thing about this rather absurd affair.


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Very decent genre movie and the Blu-Ray is very sharp,reference quality.

UMAR 3:16

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Thanks cas. It’s coming Monday! :)


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Great little monster flick, but so damn annoying there is no 4k release :(

Sophia Wilson

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I'm so glad this has got good reviews, I'm always debating to watch films like this as I don't to be disappointing. Going to definitely watch this now!


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We had recently watched Shallows and enjoyed that, some fond Jaws memories coming back. We saw this and thought we would give it a go. Hugely enjoyable film, some nice tense moments where you thought something was going to happen and it didnt only to be blind sided by something else, then nice moments of flesh tearing and bone crunching were also a gret additions... totally worth a watch for anyone who hasnt seen it.

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