Crashing in 1080P


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I recently upgraded our TV for a nice shiney 50" 1080P model.

For the first time my son has been able to run the XBox in 1080P rather than 720P - this is over component rather than HDMI.

However, he finds that it crashes a lot on this setting - at least once a day (although should say that is with estensive use).

I suggested switching back to 720P and he hasn't experienced a carsh since.

Has anyone else experienced this.

I'm guessing the Graphics Chip is getting too hot and crashing the system - but I haven't ruled out it just being bugs with 1080P.

The XBox has been fixed under warranty for RROD well over a year ago.

Is this a weakness of my particular XBox or are others experiencing this.




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Been running 1080p for over 12months no problem apart from the general reliability issues with 360s of course.


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if you arent happy, if it works on 720p, but crashes on 1080p, either live with it,or get it looked at, its up to you.
i will say though, its not designed to crash on 1080p, so if its a regular thing(more than the usual crashing of a 360), then send it off again, or give them a phone.
and 720p and 1080p look identical on the 360 anyway, as its all scaled from 720p, so even if you left it, you arent missing anything.


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To me it implies that the xbox is running at its limit when playing at 720p, then it's forced to upscale the games to 1080p when it's set to 1080p and that pushes it over the edge, I'm not an expert though so I can't say that is the reason, but it makes sense to me. It is supposed to be able to run at 1080p though so doesn't sound right


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Thanks for the replies.

i will say though, its not designed to crash on 1080p, so if its a regular thing(more than the usual crashing of a 360), then send it off again, or give them a phone.

Not an option as well outside warranty except for RROD.

I guess we'll live with it at 720P, especially as I suspected that it wasn't really 1080P anyway.




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My mate had a weird issue at the end of last year. When he was playing CoD:WaW, his 360 would repeatedly crash. It was fine for every other game/function. His copy of the game was fine as he tried it on my 360.

When he called MS, they advised him he needed a new TV :eek: He wasn't too fussed as it gave him justification to tell his wife he was getting a new TV but I found this bizarre so I told him to bring his 360 up to my house.

Lo and behold, it worked fine on my TV at 1080p, but on his old Plasma (it was 5/6 years old so it's resolution was something weird like 1024 x 1024), it kept crashing.

Needless to say it's been fine since he got himself a new telly but I still find this strange as the TV is simply the means to output the image from the 360.


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There is a pretty sophisticated scaler feature in the 360's gpu which I imagine requires a fair amount of power and generates a lot of heat when it scales 720p to 1080p. The ps3 doesn't have a scaler in the same way. It seems reasonable to me that a 360 using the scaler is more likely to crash than a 360 not using the scaler.

Again by connecting a different tv you may be forcing the scaler to work or not as hdmi sends back information to the xbox about what resolutions the television is capable of so if a game's resolution doesn't need to be scaled up or down to the tv you are reducing the load on the 360 which may prevent it from crashing.

It is also the gpu in the 360 that is the cause of most failures and RROD. The 360 gpu is huge and contains 10meg of video memory as well as the scaler. Its far superior to the PS3 GPU.


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just a note about cod waw i got a 360 and this game and with in a month this game kept crashing but none of the other games i have

sent it back to microsoft as it was out of the currys 28 day return
and it turned out the disc drive and a pcb was worn
the 360 was 35 days old

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