Crash course in Girder for dummies !!


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Feb 15, 2003
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Hi All,

I've been looking at Girder 3.31b today, can't seem to make head or tale of it.

Can someone point me in the right direction ?? I need to find an easier way of understanding on how to program it, i've tried the getting started page on the Girder site, but i'm more confused now than before i started !! :confused:

Anyone willing to offer to give me a easy way of learning Girder ??

I've got the .gml file for PowerDVD v5, but can't get it to work, it can't be that hard to work out or can it ??

I'm sure some of you out there that use Girder, can explain to me in easy terms for me to understand ??


Right i've looked at the AVS link, read it and now understand it. What i need to know is how do i teach girder the commands / buttons on my remote to control the functions ?? As the tutorial is for the pronto remote, and i would like to use either an old Sony CD remote (RM-D190) or a universal remote for a Phillips RC2570/01.

I can get the commands for the PowerDVD .gml file to work now, but i just need to be able to teach it the remote control IR codes !!


Make sure you have the IR reciever plugin loaded in girder!

With the powerdvd gml loaded, go to the command that you wish to teach an IR signal, click on the event string and press learn, then press the button on your remote. Repeat for the other buttons.
Ooops wasn't paying attention !! :blush:

I had the IRMan software still installed that's why the hardware plugin wasn't starting !!

So i unistalled that and Girder, and reinstalled Girder, followed throught what i've allready learnt and YES it works like a treat !!

And the moral of this tale is PAY ATTENTION and LISTEN, and then you may LEARN something !! :D

Thanks for your help John.



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