Crash bandicoot XBox or GC ?


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HI all
Iwant to buy my son the crash bandicoot wrath of cortex game but don't know which format to buy it on.We already have a gamecube and I am seriously considering buying him (or is it really me?) an xbox for Christmas.Is there any difference in the two formats either in gameplay or visually?
Thanks in advance.


Here we go again! lol

If you already have a Gamecube and your son is happy with it then buy the Gamecube version. Buying an Xbox primarily just for Crash is a bit OTT IMO.

First of all you have to look at the videogames - This should be the basis for all of your console choices and not the hardware. Look at the genres that your son enjoys - RPGs, action adventure, Real Time Strategy, First person shooters, sports, racing, fightering, etc etc and then look at the games on the Xbox and GameCube that cater for it.

If you can afford it I would recommend owning all 3 consoles - PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox to have the best of all worlds.

Look here for even more pages of information regarding the choise of which console.

Sorry for the link but the question has popped up more than once ^_^ If you need anymore specific details on the consoles then feel free to ask. For such a general question that has been asked in good faith, they have also been answered (often in depth) already by other members.

Just remember that at the end of the day the choice is yours.


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Neo I think you have misread what muppet has asked. He asks which is the best version of the game crash bandicoot, not which console is best, gamecube or xbox. I read it that they are going to buy an xbox anyway and want to get crash for whichever of the two that it looks and sounds better on.

I have both consoles but do not have any version of CB so I cannot help although the reviews at the time were very mixed and said that the graphics were excellent but the gameplay was just same as every other version that has come in the past. I cannot see how they could state that as a bad thing as if you have played the previous versions and enjoyed them then you are obviously going to enjoy the newer versions as well.



I am seriously considering buying him (or is it really me?) an xbox for Christmas.Is there any difference in the two formats either in gameplay or visually?
Thanks in advance.

If he said if there any difference between the two versions of the game on the Xbox and Gamecube then thats fair enough. Don't forget he was also thinking about buying an Xbox and I just gave my opinion.

If the question was if there is a significant difference between the Gamecube and Xbox version of Crash then I would say no. Both games are identical in terms of levels and gameplay but the Xbox supports bumb-mapping in the game while the GC version does not (for some odd reason.. The GC can do bump-mapping just as well as the Xbox).

If his son is a fan of Crash then really he cannot go far wrong with the latest game on either platform.

Soz for sounding grouchy btw.. I couldn't sleep until 8am and was called upon at 11am to fix my mates PC. Yet he hasn't arrived >_< I've had endless cups of coffee but thats not the only bitter taste I've got! I'll be sure to give him a good kicking when I see him...


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Thanks for the replies so far.I have already read many comparison reviews of the various consoles and I am on the verge of adding an xbox to my collection.Again, I reiterate I only wanted to find out the best console to play Crash on.



The Xbox is much better than the other consoles and indeed, any console that will ever come out in the future. All other consoles have rubbish games and I am a fanboy.

No but seriously, Xbox is a great machine, probably aimed at the more mature (see above paragraph for proof) gamer. I would suspect that games are similar on both as they are both very powerful. Maybe think about which controller your son will prefer, the Xbox one is quite big, unless they are supplying them with the 'S' controller now.


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