Crampton and Moore TV Pre calibration service Any Good?


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I was trying to find out this info when I searched I found an earlier thread in General tv section that had no replies so copied it and placed it here, see below:

Hi there, just wondered if anyone had purchased a new OLED TV from Crampton and Moore and used the calibration service they offer in conjunction with HDTVtest. It seems like a good deal price-wise however the only thing putting me off is a few older posts on here which indicate issues with C&M and also the amount of time they run in the tv (minimum 100 hours) before calibration vs what I’ve read in the forums (best to have at least 200 hours before calibration). The blurb also indicates that you’d have better chance of a good panel (screen checked for quality, before any adjustments are undertaken) which seems good as it appears to be a real lottery with what you’re going to get. Just looking for any feedback anyone has, good or bad, before making a decision. Thanks.

My response today was this:

This is exactly the question I was going to post till I checked the search for any similar post.

Like you it seems a good service for the cost (£99) for a 77" OLED as a calibration by a pro will cost upwards of £200. Also if they pre check the panel to make sure it's a good one with no obvious defects that's also a plus point.

I am looking for a Sony A80J 77" or LG C1 and their prices are as competitive as others and if there was any further sale reductions coming up I am tempted to use them.

Anyone else have any views on this.

Just thinking rather than in the General tv discussions this might be better in OLED section.


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I'd personally pay the extra. Let the TV run in first for a few hundred hours and then get it done. Calibration also is meant to be designed to your lighting conditions which having it pre-configured is impossible.


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As above, get some hours on it and calibrate on-site


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Thanks for the reply's guys. I have read on here though from a few who seem to know their onions that with tv's getting calibrated in your home conditions is not so critical as for instance with projectors and audio calibrations.

With both of those the room and lighting conditions are paramount as both seriously affect the image and sound. With tv's as long as it is calibrated in a relatively neutral (not overly bright or batcave) environment a tv can be calibrated anywhere as you are measuring the light output and colours emitted from the screen, rather than with a pj screen where it's the light and colours hitting the screen that you are measuring. And with that you need to do it in room under the lighting conditions you will be watching. That seems to make sense to me at any rate others may disagree.

Normally yes you would put a few hours on it to give the set time to settle down and 200 hrs seems around the suggested time frame rather than the 100hrs C&M are doing.

I wouldn't worry too much about it mate. I'd imagine either of those panels will give you a jaw dropping picture pretty much out the box.

I helped Neil (Megson) install his 83" Sony A90 in his room and the picture straight out the box was just incredible! As you know I've been to quite a few demos / dealers and still not seen a projector to match the latest OLED's - obviously you don't get the scale but for pure PQ I've not seen anything as good albeit I've not been treated to a demo of one of those Christie projectors yet!!

If there's any issues with the actual panel then obviously you can send it back as it does seem a bit of a lottery sometimes. Get some hours on it see what you think and if you really do feel you need more then get one of the pro calibrators off here in to tweak it that last 5%


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Hi Mark

Thanks for your comments mate and have taken them onboard, nice to see you finally getting a proper cinema room together even though you are having a few trials and tribulations getting your JBL's to play nice, hope you get it sorted pal😀

I have been talking to Neil by pm over the last couple of weeks and was going over to his today for a demo of the new 83" Sony tv but unfortunately due to health issues regarding one of his family it has had to be put off for a few days.

Look after yourself Mark and maybe we shall meet up again someday😁

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