Craig's theater.


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Moved in with my Mrs... :)

Lounge electronics:

Sony 40HX803, LG Bluray player is pictured but it is now a Sony BDP-S470 again, Sony VA555ES, Sony CDP-227ESD, MJ Acoustics Reference 100 MK II subwoofer.

B&W CDM1NT with matching stands, B&W LM1 rear speakers, no centre as I couldn't be bothered to wall mount the TV straight away and I prefer the sound through the CDMs rather than the old VM1 speaker I used.

In the photos you will also see a Denon UD-M3 CD receiver which I bought and repaired for 24 quid. This powers the Bose 101 speakers which I installed in the garden.

Our first rescue dog ruined the carpet so a new wood effect floor was laid, which also then meant all my cables would be on show. I routed my rear speakers through the wall and on the external wall in the garden whilst I laid the cables for the garden speakers and also re routed the sky cable. All the cables coming into the house are now hidden behind the subwoofer instead of for instance the sky cable being right beside the garden doors - Sky engineers really do not make any sense in what they do!

The system sounds glorious and although I am missing out on monoblocks at the moment, because I'm unemployed I sold them to raise as much funds as possible.

Also photographed is the bedroom system which although is a work in progress, means I can watch filth and the like in bed and listen to the radio. I've sunk the cables for the TV into the wall and left a spare long wire feed so I can sink more cables into the wall when the system changes.

At the moment, it features a Humax 17" 720P TV which isn't HD ready but has a component input, Sony DVP-NS730QS DVD/SACD player, Sony MHC-7900 seperates, power amp, Mission speakers. When we replace the furniture in the next few months, the Mission speakers will be wall mounted, the hifi and DVD player will be on a chest of drawers underneath the TV.

Very very happy to be with my family at last and although the hunt for a job is taking a while, I wouldn't change anything I've done this year for the world :)

View from the kitchen:

DSC01809 (800x535) by craig.mclellan, on Flickr

Blu-ray and music collection:

DSC01810 (535x800) by craig.mclellan, on Flickr

System overall:

DSC01811 (800x535) by craig.mclellan, on Flickr

Electronics, also featuring the awesome little Denon which is used only for the garden!

DSC01815 (800x535) by craig.mclellan, on Flickr

Seating position with my wall & banister mounted B&W LM-1 rear speakers :D

DSC01812 (800x535) by craig.mclellan, on Flickr

Garden showing the far Bose 101. Garden is strictly work in progress but it is a damn sight better than when I first moved in - hard graft is boss!

DSC01813 (800x535) by craig.mclellan, on Flickr

Patio Bose 101:

DSC01814 (800x535) by craig.mclellan, on Flickr
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I just found a couple of pics of my FIRST EVER home theater!! Forgot what it even looked like !!

Jesus I love my new setup so much :D


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Jon Boy

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Well done mate ,not bad for a 16yr old! I'd say tidy up those wires a little bit and drag that bed over into the middle of that back wall when watching a film , the surround sound will sound even better!
Keep up the good work!


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Hoping to get some sort of comfy seat to do beside the bed as although the bed is comfy for sleeping in, its not so good for sitting up in :D

I need to sort out the network leads for the pcs and the left speaker really. But i'm paying to have sky+ multiroom in here soon and I want a nice decent glass cabinet to put all the av gear and telly on... Will have to see how it goes ! :D


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The new year has begun and so have the upgrades !

Overall view of the front of the room as it is now:

front of room 2.jpg

And the new glass AV rack with the new DVD recorder (Panasonic DMR-E55, a snip at £83 inc postage off eBay!!)

proper av rack.jpg

Next on the list to come:

New DVD Player: Multiregion Panasonic DVDS29 which has already been ordered for £45 off eBay, hasnt been delivered yet.

And I am going to be buying a Pioneer AC-3 decoder off these very forums soon, bit old in the tooth but it has the RF input needed for AC-3 sound on Laserdiscs, so it can still be used if I eventually replace the entire amplifier with a more modern one.

This will also be used with the Sky+ box for I am having Multiroom installed in here at the end of January (28th to be precise.)

Its going to be a fun month !


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Ooo... what's the camera on the tripod lurking in the corner for?

When the girls come round :eek:



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What a lovely setup you've got. I wish I had had the time/patience/money/parental approval to get something like that when I was 16.

It also shows what you can do if you're prepared to go second-hand, wheel and deal a bit and pick up some excellent bargains off this forum and ebay.

Very nice :smashin:


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Yup i'm really chuffed with it all, I still wouldn't like to think of the total cost i've spent over the years but it is a nice place to come home to after work and college and just relax or do more work. Nothing like it :D

This forum is great for bargains, I haven't bought anything yet but i've got something pending atm which will also set me up for when I want to get into Laserdiscs (has the RF input on it)

Ohhh yes :D


Craig, you really need to upgrade to a double-bed...then the girls will come 'round.....


Don't waste any more dosh on audio/visual. Get yerself some chicks in there and make use of the videocam....If you don't start using it it'll drop off y'know *L*


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briwilliams said:
Don't waste any more dosh on audio/visual. Get yerself some chicks in there and make use of the videocam....If you don't start using it it'll drop off y'know *L*

Lol - working on a lovely girl called Kay at the moment so watch this space... :eek:


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New dvd PLAYER arrived couple of weeks ago, nice slimline Panasonic multiregion unit, with a coaxial digital interconnect going to my new Sony STR-DB780 :D

new amp and dvd.jpg

new front of room.jpg

WOO! Nearly there, just got sky+ coming this weekend now. Also have 10 meters of Van Damme speaker cable coming from ebay which I plan to use for the front 3 speakers, will get some more later for the rears. The 6 channel lead is being used as interconnects for the CD deck, dvd recorder and also the dvd player.

This amp is truly amazing - sounds just as good as my old Yamaha for music but beats it for movies!!


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ashmufc said:
Have you spent more money on audio thatn the TV LOL!

The telly was actually 400 quid believe it or not ! I don't!! Lol

Next plan is to get a projector, but its going to have to wait a while. Need to get some half decent dvds to watch on it all aswell :D

For my room though the 24" isn't TOO bad, but I do definitely need something bigger.

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