Crackling sound problems with UVS7


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I've got a problem with Ulead Video Studio 7.
When I capture video from my MiniDV tapes, some of the clips has got sound problems.
I can best describe it as a crackled sound. Like the sound is disturbed.
I'm happy to email an example (I've saved it as a WMV file - around 650k)
Yesterday I captured one tape. The first half of it was perfect. But the last half of it had the crackling sound problem. I had to capture the last half of the tape again, to get rid of the problem.
I captured another tape, and in the beginning it was fine. Then around 15 mins into the tape, it started with the crackling sound again. The it stopped after another 10 mins.
I can work my way around this problem, by recapturing parts of the tape...but it's a real pain!
This can't have anything to do with it being a trial version, can it?
Has anyone else experienced the same problem?
I've not got any other software applications running at the same time.


Not a problem I've ever had, so I can only hazard a guess, random noise problems in other audio circles can often be traced to loose or dirty connections, or interference being picked up from some local source. Maybe you should try another firewire cable just to check, maybe a slightly more expensive one with better shielding also see what else is happening in your vicinity (TV ??, Large audio speaker ??, fridge running ??, electric drill ??? vacuum cleaner etc. etc. )

Wouldn't of thought it had anything to do with it being a trial copy

Sorry can't be more positive


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Ok, thanks.
The firewire cable was only £11, so you might be right.
Which cable would you recommend? Not too expensive, please.


Well £11 is reasonably expensive I've seen them a lot cheaper, mind you I've also seen them a lot more expensive (have a look in Currys and see what they charge) I really wouldn't like to recommend any particular one, do you have a friend who has one that you could just try first to prove a point.


I have heard reports of people haveing this and other problems such as the PC even crashing. After a lot of digging around and eliminating other causes of the problem they (and it was, as I remember, several different users) found it was caused by the thermostat on their central heating. As soon as they turned the heating off during capture they had no further problems. Might not be the cause, but at this time of year with the cold weather it just might be. Got to be worth a try!


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