Crackling sound on digital cable?


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When trying to watch TV through my STB I keep getting intermittent cracking sound (this only started after I received the STB updated software) and its doing my head in. I have tried diff scart leads, sockets on TV, through RF, diff TV etc and don’t have any problems when viewing any other source. I have had 2 NTL engineers out (dam sound was ok while they were here) my STB was replaced on the first visit. The second engineer said he didn't have a clue what could be causing it but had been out to a similar fault which remained unresolved. He made some phone calls to other departments but no luck.

NTL now want to send another tech out but when I asked them if they now had any new ideas, they said they hadn't but all they could do is to keep sending tech's out, I was also asked if I could record the fault but alas I don't have a VCR. I said there was no point in wasting my or another tech's time until someone had something new to try. CS said they would call back when they had discussed it with various people. They did ring back for once but all they could come up with was "Are you using energy saving light bulbs sir" I said that I did have 2 but these were upstairs and would normally only interfere with the remote when in the same room if anything and that the sound fault was still apparent when these were switched off anyway. Her reply was "Can you take them out of the light fittings" I said why?? She said because even though they are switched off they may still be receiving electricity". I said NO they are not receiving power with the switch off because if they were 1. There would have to be a faulty switch and 2. I would know this because they would still light up. or 3. I would have to have smoothing capacitors in the switch which I haven't. She then went on saying that just because they weren't on didn't mean they weren't on :mad: At this point I said stop wasting my time and for her to ring back when she had a useful idea :mad:

After testing this weekend I'm now convinced its something to do with the broadband interfering but need to do more testing on this.

Anyway rant over; has anyone got any reasonable ideas?

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After speaking to cust services again today they now want to give me a pace 2000 box, I don't want one because they don't work with pronto but don't know what they are going to say about this yet. They now seem to think it may be a problem with the new software and the 4000 box.

Anyone else with the pace 4000 box and broadband having the same problems?
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