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Jun 5, 2002
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I've noticed that on certain DVDs the dialogue sometimes crackles slightly in places. It sounds similar to amplifier clipping but it happens even at low volumes, and I've noticed it on numerous systems, including very high end speakers/amplification, and I'm sure it's not that.

As an example I cite Star Trek Insurrection (R2), though I remember hearing it on several other DVDs as well.

I wonder, has anyone else noticed this? Is it part of the recorded audio on the DVD? Or is it a failing of the playback hardware at some point?

I find it hard to believe that sound engineers putting all that time/money/effort into perfecting a high quality DD 5.1 soundtrack would miss fairly obvious clipping noises - but I'm equally convinced it ain't my speakers or amps! What gives??



P.S. - I'll list more examples when I encounter them.
I also noticed it on Insurrection and First Contact (space walk), i think it must be a problem with Paramount discs, i posted on this subject last year because i thought I had a problem with my kit, apparently not.
Try turning on the audio attenuation setting in your DVD player's menus for DVDs where you notice this.
I think it´s the discs. Drove me nuts as I thought I had a problem with either the speakers or the amp (or both!). After swapping speakers etc around and also checking around on other Forums, narrowed it down to the discs. Must be due to naff recording.:rolleyes:
I noticed this on the UK rental version of Shalow Hal. it really did sound as if my centre speaker had blown. Just in one scene for about 30 seconds.

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