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The final review thread to catch up with the major releases of the past year; One of my favourite games of the year to be honest, and not even because of the Halo 3 beta invite that came with it that I used only once.

See here for a list of other ratings threads -- Oblivion is currently the Forum's favourite game, I don't think Crackdown will challenge that, but it could put up a fight for a position in the top 5 ...

A 10 should only be given for a landmark game that sets new rules, a 9 for a truly excellent game without flaw, and an average game that does things right but nothing special should get a 5 (not a 7 or 8 like some would have you believe).


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an enjoyable game with tight controls, impressive graphics and great added content. with no story though, and the ability to fight the boss straight from the off(not recommended) its replay value wasnt amazingly high.

a good and expanding coop as time passsed helped the game somewhat, but couldnt save it from a trade in.


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What he said...

The no story did it for me really. I have played it till the end and enjoyed it but have not been back since. I'll never look for all the orbs.


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I'm undecided on whether this game is an 8 or 9 at the moment. Maybe by the time I get to the end of the review I'll have made my mind up :)

As far as sandbox games go this has been the most enjoyable one I've played in a long time. Probably the most enjoyable since GTA:Vice City, the others since just felt like one re-hash of the same thing too far.

I enjoyed the approach to story progression; very few missions; no annoying "travel to this part of the city now" moments; just a sprawling city filled with crime to fight wherever I turn. Story wise it reminded me of robo-cop from the off, which isn't a bad thing really, they kept the plot simple and largely out of the way of the action which isn't something I'm normally keen on, but for some reason I didn't really care when I was playign Crackdown. It was about jumping from rooftop to rooftop shooting rockets at gangsters in mid air, I didn't really care for the reason why :)

The rooftop races were well designed, probably more so than the street racing, which I thought was hampered by over populated streets, requiring you to mow down "innocent" civilians left right and centre to have any chance of making the grade.

The achievements were (generally) very well designed. The Orb hunter achievements were annoying as hell when I got down to the last few (still haven't got my last 5 Agility Orbs) but they kept me coming back to the city for another 10-15 minute blast, so did their job!

The Downloadable content was ingenious, and probably will push this game to a 9 for me. The Keys to the City mode was brilliant fun with a co-op partner and .. and ... and.

Time attacks seemed a bit pointless, most the battles could be completed in about 7 seconds by jumping right to the boss and firing a dozen rockets in his face, but the fun way was to blast the hell out of his personal army first -- which kind of comflicted with the time trial nature of the mode.

There's still too many good things to say about this game, but I'm already fearful of going on and on and on.

9 (Outstanding) - My favourite sandbox game of the past 5 years; i've seen nothing better since GTA: Vice City


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I've given it a perhaps slightly harsh 6/10. The "Keys to the City" mod pretty much ruined the game for me as by the time I'd been given super-human powers I no longer had the desire to go back and play it through. Hence I've not played it for a good 3/4 months. Great game to begin with, but I found it slightly repetitive and the downloadable content killed it off completely. :( Sorry guys!


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I think of all the games I own this would have to be in second place on the list of 'erm what?' games, the games that people and/or reviewers rave about but I just don't see it at all (RR7 would hold the top spot on that list).

Strange really as I generally love the sandbox type games and prefer them by far to rigid mission progression orientated games. Perhaps this was just a little too sandbox oriented as I don't think I felt I was playing a game at all, next to no story or objectives, nothing to aim for.. just didn't work for me.

I don't know there must be a gem in there somewhere but I can't find it (yet?) so I'll up the grade from my original inclination and go for a six.


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Gave this a pretty average mark 6.

Playing this game just became a bit of a chore for me after a while.
Yes the graphics are decent and sound was really good. Some cracking explosions but just lacked that "one more go" feel for me.

Not played it for ages and can't imagine re-visiting it.


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Excellent. Can't wait for APB and, eventually, Crackdown 2. Wanted to go with 8.5, but went with an 8, even though it's probably worth a 9.


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I enjoyed it but I'm struggling to go back to finish achievements off. I may with friends later but for now I had to rate it an 8 for the hours of fun I did have leaping around blowing stuff up, too repetitive to get a 9 in my eyes.


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Loved it. The feeling of empowerment when you abilities increased was really addictive.

I replayed it when when the DLC came out.

Great Game and help support local developers (but then so does GTA)


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Cracking game, bought it on a whim to play the Halo3 beta, that only got used twice.
Played the game non-stop for a while, and will go back soon. It's not a game that I would set aside time to play, more one that leaps out when scanning the game drawer for something different.
I found that the open style of the game had me spending whole sessions boosting specific skills, orb hunting, climbing the central tower or just running around having fun. The game allows you to play according to your mood, and as your skills increase you get to be a proper bad-ass (if you so desire).

A 7 from me. Not compulsive gaming, but a fine game and worthy of a place in anyone's collection.

Munkey Boy

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I'm pleased I bought it, but it's not a stayer in my collection. I found it had limited appeal once I'd played through the bulk of the game, and it certainly got quite repetitious as there was little in the way of narrative.

The city itself is a work of art though, a very well realised 'comic-book' style interpretation of a city, loads of places to explore.

7 (Good)

Mark Botwright

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Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but i've only recently picked this game up on the cheap and i'm absolutely loving it.

This is the first game i've played in a long while that i actually can't pull myself away from as i "just have one more thing to check out". It really has whetted my appetite for GTA4 and a free roaming sandbox world again. :thumbsup:

I usually get rid of games straight away after completing tham but trying to find the orbs and just mucking about in the city is keeping me occupied and extremey entertained. I can't beleive i put off getting this for so long and almost didn't bother. :eek:

It gets a solid 8 from me. :thumbsup:

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Like MABO I've just got back into this and it is a really good game...can't recall why i put it back in it's box at such an early stage !!!!!!


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The game doesn't start well due to your poor ability ratings, but once a few of these have been ranked up the game opens up much more, and for those who like to see & do everything that a game has to offer then this will keep you going for quite a while.

The game world is big but not very varied - the 360 has another open sandbox game in Just Cause (before GTA IV appears) at least and crackdown isn't as good IMHO.

If you're the type of gamer who enjoys collecting hard to find objects then crackdown is the game for you, as there is close on to 1000 objects to find. the DLC add's little to the gameplay other than the most evil AI drivers I've ever come across - you could be forgiven for mistaking that you were online...

Co-op is fun with a friend but a nightmare with randoms, you'll be bombarded by people asking to join in your game, but I'd suggest taking your network cable out of the back of the 360...

An addictive game if you can get past the first couple of hours - but there are better out there, and the best bit about the game for me was your boss giving you your instructions & encouragement - as I'm sure he does the voiceovers for The Price Is Right...

7 / 10 from someone with 1250G / 1250G


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This is one of my favourite ever Xbox games, I don't agree that Just Cause was better, this was in a clas of it's own when it was released and maybe still is.

Funnily enough, I stuck this in today for a quick blast and came here to post about it when I spotted this thread. I had been running around the city in Keys to the City mode when I spotted a billboard advertising the new Hitman movie on Blu-Ray to be released on March 29th I think.

I never knew this game had that real-time advertisements like PGR4. Anyway, this game is a straight8-9/10 for me. Fantastic visual style, gameplay and concept.

It's a real shame that this game was regarded as a bonus item that came with the Halo3 beta test when it was released. Bit of injustice in the end but I hope enough people got to play it to realise how good it was.

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Some interesting reviews here...I've just got a copy of this from eBay for £8.50 + postage, so looking forward to getting into it next week some time.


My 360 game of 2007. Hunting orbs and climbing buildings has never been so much fun. Simply stunning. :thumbsup:



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It is a very good game, I feel I should add this note thou: Dont just go to the game profile and delete the halo demo stuff if you downloaded it. I did it and when I went to play crackdown again recently it said all my save data had been corrupted and now just crashes.

So watch out for that one peeps or you will lose everything like muggins here. :mad:

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Well, after playing it for a short while now, and having levelled up some of the core skills a bit, I'm really enjoying this game.

Graphics are good (in a different kind of way), gameplay is fantastic (I've spent ages just finding orbs, blowing stuff up, rooftop races etc), and to top it all off the chap doing the voice over "nice work agent" is hilarious.

Top top game, I voted an 8, and could well end up being a 9 once I've played even more.


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I went from not being that interested in this game, and didn't need it for the Halo 3 beta because I won a token, to having a great time with it! I've still got two DLC Achievements to get for the full 1,250G. For some reason though the graphics hurt my head after a few hours, which I don't get from other games.


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VERY enjoyable game. So many things to do, achievements are probably the most integrated in this game than any other, graphics are fresh and lots of collectables. Not to mention full city coop over Live.

9 out of 10

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