Crack near docking area on my 3g 16gb


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Hi guys

To say I'm gutted in an understatement!!!....I sold my 3g 16gb in black on eBay for £255, a great price I thought. I went to package it up for delivery, and found a crack on the rear case, near the docking port!!.

Obviously I had to refund the buyer, I've recently found out this quite a common problem. I've an appointment with Apple on Sat to see I can get my handset replaced. What do you think my chances are?

The phone has never been dropped, or abused in any way, and has been in a silicone case from day 1 of purchase.



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I'm not sure how long the warranty is on them?...I think I've had it coming upto a year, so may be now out of warranty. If I do have to pay for a repair, and it's reasonably priced, I hopefully should get a better price for it, than to sell it now in it's current state.


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Is it like a hairline crack? If so, this happened to me after a couple of months and Apple changed it for a new one straight away under warranty:smashin:

So if you've had it no more than 1 year you'll be covered by the 12 months manufacturers warranty:)


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Yes it's a hairline crack, starting from the top of the docking station part.

In that case i think you'll find its quite a common problem and shouldnt have any trouble getting it replaced, as long as its still within the 12 month warranty:)


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I think I may just be out of warranty by a week or so. I signed a new 24mth contract when I got my 3g. And I know my contract finishes on the 11 July 2011.


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They replaced mine yesterday, apparently it's a common problem if you use a dock.


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i sold my 3g 8gb on ebay about 2 weeks ago for 265 quid AND it had the same crack which i fully explained on the auction!, its a very common fault and mine never got any bigger.

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