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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 19th July 2011.
Setting the precedent for the likes of Meteor, Deep Impact and Armageddon, Crack In The World is a hugely entertaining disaster movie from yesteryear that takes its globally destructive story very seriously, but doesn’t lose sight of the human aspect of science-at-war-with-nature scenario. Very possibly it is this emotional and awkwardly intimate angle that elevates it from the usual sensation-seeking that the genre, otherwise, longs to exploit. Good performances from the main cast make this is all the more affecting. The use of stock footage is not that much of a problem, and the fact that real newsreel footage is utilised to depict the human cost of the catastrophes taking place around the fault-line helps to evoke the anguished shock and isolation of the characters as they wrestle with theories and solutions intellectually within their bunker and physically down mighty flaming shafts.

And Janette Scott is simply gorgeous. Which helps quite a bit.

The transfer is decent, but looks old and weathered. It hasn't been messed-around with and that's the important thing, though. But the audio is quite impressive. There is that little moment of eerie dislocation and some background hissing, but this is a surprisingly powerful and meaty track. Sadly the complete lack of extras is a letdown.

But Crack In The World is a boisterous and tempestuous example of great old school dramatics, suffused with an interesting emotional core but bolstered by large scale pyrotechnics.

Enjoyable hokum, folks.

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