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I have an AVP700 with the CR80 remote.

I have been unable to find a code for my Denon DVD player. The users manual does not list "Denon" under the DVD plyers and I have tried the search method with no luck.

Any suggestions?

I would like to get my HTM MX500 remote reprogrammed with the AVP700 information, but it also has had difficulty memorizing some commands from the AVP700 and I have not had time to do the reprogramming yet. I would rather spend time listening to CD's or watching movies!

I hate juggling two remotes, but may have to if the CR80 can't do Denon DVD players.

Thanks - Mike

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I used to have an AVR200 with CR80 and a Denon 2910. I spoke to Arcam on the Denon DVDplayer issue and their response was that the CR-80 is outsourced by them and they have no direct control over whats supported within it, the Denon DVD players are not supported and as far as they know will not be supported.

Therefore you have several choices:-

1) Use two remotes

2) Programme the functions you want from the Denon into the CR-80

3) Buy a third party programmable remote

4) Sell the Arcam kit and move on, this is a bit extreme just to get the remote functions

The choice is yours!

Mr Perceptive


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It is interesting that there is a remote that does not have Denon preprogrammed. I guess I am not surprised as many remotes purchased here in the USA do not have Arcam preprogrammed. (Including the Denon Aktis that I once had).

I will have to keep working with my home theater Master MX500 to figure out why some of the Arcam commands won't work when memorized. I really make significant use of Macros in the MX500 and will go that direction.

Thank you for the information.



I also have a denon dvd player and an arcam remote. I just pointed the denon remote at the arcam one and used the learning function to program in the most important button functions. Allows me to do pretty much everything I need to do when watching a movie etc.

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