CPUZ suggests a problem? Help needed


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Hope someone can help, I am a little baffled with this one. I noticed today when looking over CPUZ that under the CPU tab, my clocks are changing information every few seconds.

My core speed jumps from

2664 mhz at a 10x multiplier to

1594.9 mhz at a 6x multiplier :confused:

The bus speed remains stable and I have not noticed a speed problem when using the system and to be honest....... I am not even sure if this is normal or not..

Please can someone advise.



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Some CPUs, especially those in found in Laptops are able to change their performance envelope according to the demands being made on them - to conserve battery power/reduce heat. Neat isn't it?


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Thanks for the reply, just found a website which was useful explaining. I do not have a laptop but my board just reduces things down to cool things when not much is going on. I just ran a blue-ray through the system and had some other stuff running and CPUZ showed a stable clock at the correct speed. :)


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Go into the Bios and disable CE1, also if you have speed step and spread spectrum listed disable these as well. This will stop your mobo throttling back your multiplier. :)

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